Alchemy Leads manages the SEO and PPC

Efforts of an automotive / chemical company that services truck beds, windows, and floors in addition to serving the architectural, marine, industrial, and government agencies. Alchemy’s work includes optimizing website infrastructure, improving organic search visibility and developing paid ad strategy to increase overall revenue.

The Client Says..

“Our web conversions have increased by around 300% and organic traffic is up 70% in just the last year of working with them. We have been really satisfied with the results of the project so far, and I really enjoy working with them.

When we brought Alchemy Leads on to work with our team, it was a really smooth transition because of how honest and fair they are. They really bring things down to a simple level so that you can understand it and learn, not just depend on them for their services. They do a great job of nurturing your knowledge of SEO along the way.

Their customer service is second to none. They really come through on any request that you have, and always deliver on time.“