CBD Marketing | Get 10X ROI With 9 Simple TIPS

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Just after legalizing CBD products in many places in the US and outside of the USA, there is a growing market for CBD products. When there is a market you need top-notch marketing techniques to win over your competitors. Here you will find tips and a detailed guide to implementing some CBD marketing techniques. 


No wonder CBD marketing is needed to grow your business since it is growing rapidly. Several reports suggest that the sales of this industry will grow by $23 billion before 2025.

Do I Need CBD Marketing?

CBD is a growing industry and more and more people are starting to use CBD products. And to win you need marketing.

Graphs On Growth Of Searched For CBD Gummies

Alt-Text: A graph showing growth of searches for CBD Gummies


Now of course since everything is evolving at a rapid speed you need to choose a marketing channel that is highly effective for your product. To find the right type of marketing you need to check the scenario and what is on your side and what is against your side.  

Step By Step Guide For CBD Marketing

To get positive ROI from each CBD marketing campaign, there are multiple process techniques, and steps that you can implement. We will give you a detailed idea of those proven CBD marketing techniques. And if someone implements those right way these steps and tips will ensure much important marketing stuff, which also includes:


  1. Gathering Data.
  2. Analyzing And prioritizing the goal.
  3. Finding the right channels for CBD marketing.
  4. Setting up a tracking system to gather more information on the audience and ensure marketing goals are reached.
  5. Creating a perfect marketing plan for your CBD products for the long run while generating sales/results as fast as possible.
  6. In case someone Using SEO for their CBD marketing, making sure it is reaching a certain goal.
  7. Helping the brand to grow faster.
  8. Finding and winning new opportunities than the competitors.

And there are many positive things anyone can acquire if they implement and keep their marketing campaigns up to date.

Start With Building A Website For Your CBD Brand

Whether you like it or not when someone will try to find your brand and cannot find one there will be doubt about your product.


 There are lots of statistics that indicate you must need a website to operate your business. Which also include:

  • According to amazon business 68% of people who buy gather information online instead of sales associates. And you own online properties, such as websites that can provide reliable information.
  • A recent study by Stanford claims that 75% of users admit they make a judgment about a brand or company based on their website design. This means not only having a website is enough, but your CBD brand website also needs a website that gives people what they want as fast as possible.
  • Recently a reliable source shared some data where they told thirty percent consumers will buy from a website that they used to buy something previously.
  • If a brand or business has a blog section they might get 67% more leads than the people without a blog, and without a blog, it is almost impossible. Of course, you can do a blog on a third-party site, but you don’t have enough control over it.


Besides having a website can give you lots of control over which information public/audience or your customer gets about your brand and products. Having a both user and search-engine-friendly site can give you an upper hand.


In the age of search engines, not having a website can harm your reputation. Maybe thinking why, when someone searches about your business and you don’t have an official website, the search engine will pull information from third-party sites, which can often pull misinformation.


Combine Both Physical & Digital Marketing 


Even if digital marketing is dominating the whole world, there is plenty of way you can still get the super result by combining both into a single strategy. And the output can be great if someone can implement it in the right way. 


Combining both physical and digital marketing

Alt-Text: A graphics showing how to use digital marketing along with physical marketing

As an example, CBD brands can insert a QR code along with tracking links. That tracking link will help to understand how many people are convinced with a product and the same link will take them to a landing page where there will be more offers waiting for the consumer.

This can be a game-changer for the CBD marketing team since in lots of places CBD products cannot be advertised or retargeted.  


Gather Data And Optimize 


Gathering the right data and using those data can brings lots of conversions. Most CBD companies just run or tell the agency to keep the campaign live without running any A/B test. 


As an example, in google analytics, you can find demographics, age. For a moment if you see most of your website visitors living in a snowy location. Now CBD brands can create a post on your social media and create a blog or update pages, where they will inform people how their specific product can help to get rid of flu or any other illness caused by cold.


On another example by CBD brands can do marketing their product by targeting age category. Where they can treat the illness that most people face at their age using their CBD products.


Looking into data can give lots of hints where and what people are looking for and optimizing it for the consumer can increase both sales and brand popularity among the targeted audience.


Create Contest & Giveaway Program


Creating contests and giveaways can attract lots of new people to a CBD brand. Using a contest or giveaway program can bring new people and pursue the previous customer to engage again with your CBD product or Brand.


There are plenty of ways you can do CBD marketing using contests and giveaways. Which also include:

  • Sharing story: Where the previous user will share their experience using your CBD products. This thing helps to create trust for new users. Once you gain audience trust more likely they will convert into. 
  • Point-Based Giveaway: This one is popular in case you want to connect people with your other channels. As an example: contestants will get points for likes, subscribing to CBD brand youtube channel, signing up for email newsletters. People with most people will have a better chance to win the giveaway.
  • Giveaway for buyers: This technique will create a strong bond between the previous buy. This one more like a loyalty program for the regular buyer.


For sake of getting new customers, any CBD company can run all three types of the contest at the same time.


Fully Utilize Social Media For CBD Marketing


Most social media have restrictions against advertising for CBD products, but you can there is no issue if you don’t engage with the advertisement. So how you can grow on social media


Well, that why we talked about the contest and giveaway programs. A regular giveaway can attract consumers that’s interested in your product.


Besides those, you can do plenty of stuff. Which also include:

  • Posting product news and update.
  • Providing customer support using chatbot through social media.
  • Host AMA on Twitter.
  • Encouraging consumers by responding to them using an official social media handle. Nowadays big brands use this to create a strong bond with their consumer.
  • CBD brands can post information videos on youtube to gain the trust of the targeted audience. Studies suggest most people watch videos before making a buying decision.
  • One of the best ways to utilize CBD marketing is to share the story of success using CBD products.
  • Teaming up with CBD researchers is a great way to promote CBD brands and gain a new customer.

Social media can bring great results if it is done in the right way. Instead of just following a checklist best way to do it is to gather as much data as possible and create each post based on those data. This will bring better results.

Make Sure Your Entities Following ADA compliance


ALthough is a law that suggests all web entities, like websites should follow ADA compliance. Make sure your entities related to your CBD marketing is well optimized and following ADA compliance.


In case you are wondering how important it is? Well according to recent data by CDC 26% (1 In 4) which is 61 million people facing some kind of disability. 


Still, some people will think well what is the issue with website and disability, well just in the USA 5.9% of people facing hearing disability, 46% people have vision-related and 10.8% people are facing cognition-related disability. 


And if your CBD website is not following ADA compliance this person with a disability can face issues to browse, and it can cause lots of loss in the CBD market since, lots of CBD treatment is meant for people with disabilities, which also include, seizures, autism, etc


In some states, people can also file a lawsuit for not following ADA compliance. 


Don’t Forget To Add QUORA Into the CBD Marketing Campaign

Most people don’t know how powerful it can be. Especially for CBD brands. We all know most people research before applying or using a new treatment. This is where Quora comes to rescue your plan.


We also shared how to use Quora effectively to drive traffic and generate sales. It generates lots of visitors without paying someone. All someone has to do is answer people’s quarries. 


Now some people will argue, there may be not instant ROI, yes it is true. Cause it is only for people who have a real product and have long-term goals, those answers will be there forever unless you or brands delete them. And will appear to the person who is asking.


Quora have an amazing system, if you answer people’s question what is 10 people asking may not only for 10 people, cause most of them time Quora push your answers tow thousands of interested people using email.


Don’t forget one of the main goals of CBD marketing is to build the trust of a CBD brand in the eye of the public and Quora can do it nicely. 


Introduce Affiliate Program For CBD brands


Lots of people and brands already established this system to attract new customers. If you pay someone to commission for bringing sales, and the full system is fully bulletproof then anyone will see rapid growth in their sales.


This system is better than month by month paying to influencers since people losing trust in influence when it comes to health-related products. This system is much more scalable.


Cause this way people will keep promoting to boost their profit. All the biggest brands around the world do this. 1st they pay a huge percentage to the publisher, once it gets enough attention and publicity CBD brands can reduce publisher affiliate commission. 


No need to worry about sales volume all will buy for reputation which increases more sales volume, maybe the publisher will get less commission per sale but their quantity of sales will go high at the same time. For sure CBD brands know the best way to scale this thing.


Don’t think to stop other ways of CBD marketing once you see growth in sales. Cause publisher will just give people the names but reputation and trust will convert this visitor into sales. Implementing this system is depends on the CBD brand business model.


Build Strong & Long Term SEO Strategy For CBD Marketing

If some have only 1 way to market their CBD company or products then that should be SEO or Search engine optimization. The reason for such importance is nothing but, due to the current way people use the internet and make there buying situation.


Multiple statistics can support why SEO became the most important way to promote or market CBD brands. Which also include:


  • Studies shows, 90% of people don’t have a brand name in their mind to make a purchase. They made this decision just after searching. As an example: 90% of people who are searching for “CBD gummies” will decide from what they see on the search result. Since there are lots of competitors you need to outrank another competitor before people can notice you.
  • Recent data from bright edge suggest that SEO can drive 1000% more traffic than organic social media.
  • Even if you are on the first page doesn’t mean you are the winner, cause a person or brand sitting at the top takes away 34% of traffic and the rest take less than the first one still a huge chunk of traffic.


Their thousands of facts why you must need SEO for CBD marketing, but I think this three are enough to show anyone the importance of SEO for a CBD company.


Email Marketing


Do you know the average expected ROI is $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing? And think about this in this way.

You spent $100k to attract x amount of traffic. Now 5% people converted other may or maybe will visit again. And you have an offer or discount or new product how you will reach that person? 

Here comes email marketing. If your marketing flow is something like this know this, you are the winner.

  • Growing web presence by SEO.
  • Converting impression to traffic by Advance CTR optimization.
  • And CRO to convert the average visitor into a customer.
  • Converting the rest of your visitors into email subscribers.

Email marketing brings great impact if another form of marketing is done properly and side by side.



This is some of the best ways to grow CBD business on a scale, but as I mentioned above all depends on what are the objectives of the CBD brand and their business model. Connect business and marketing together to find the best route to establish the brand and make a successful business. These techniques are quite amazing, but that doesn’t mean you have to implement them. Use only if those go with your objectives.