AlchemyLeads Announces 250% Increase in Gross Revenue for the Fiscal Year of 2020 with an improving 92% ARR

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Los Angeles-based marketing firm Alchemy Leads is thrilled to announce that they concluded FY 2020 by nearly tripling gross revenues and improving their annual retention to nearly 100%. Founded with a mission to build the latest and greatest tools for marketers and grow small businesses, Alchemy Leads leverages the power of digital channels to empower marketers, reach people in bold new ways, and deliver customized service to each and every partner.


Alchemy Leads is a digital marketing agency that serves small businesses. The company offers marketing methods, software solutions, and outreach strategies that help small businesses manage their lead generation campaigns and grow their customer base. They use a combination of data science and A/B testing to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing plans. 


Launched in 2017, Alchemy Leads has seen a massive growth in its business over the past year. In fact, it was able to increase headcount by 400% and achieve an annual recurring revenue of 92%. Alchemy Leads also nearly tripled gross revenues in 2020, again proving that offering high-quality products and a great customer experience can lead to rapid growth for your business. They doubled their customer base in 2019, and tripled it by the end of 2020, showing promising growth moving into 2021 and the post-pandemic business landscape.


Other highlights from FY 2020 include significant improvements in net profitability and total revenues.Alchemy Leads was started in 2017 and has grown its gross revenues to nearly $1M annually, in just 2 short years. Rapid expansion of employment accelerated top-line growth and market penetration. The company’s rapid growth also led to a higher concentration of business in the hands of a few key executives who were primarily responsible for the company’s success.


Sean Chaudhary, Founder and CEO, commented, “Reaching consumers at the right time and in the right place is a serious challenge for marketers. Direct mail, newspapers, and large-venue advertising are still important channels that can help reach consumers at home, but consumers are increasingly turning to low-contact experiences including mobile apps, apps businesses do not own, and digital delivery of services. AlchemyLeads is now the platform to help local businesses survive in today’s changed marketplace. 


Since launching in 2017, we’ve made a substantial return on investment for our customers by delivering billions of digital engagements that have proven to increase consumer frequency and spend. Brands facing an inability to pursue traditional marketing channels are turning to us for help with SEO, direct marketing, content marketing and link outreach strategies.


He continued, “For Alchemy Leads, 2020 has been our best year ever. The COVID crisis continues to challenge the global economy. Our customers are not immune, but so far we have seen the least impact on customers and our technology empowers our brands to evolve and spread this disruptive reality. Our customers increased their online sales by 30% in August and are still poised to grow more than 30% year-upon-year. Moreover, during a period of record revenues and margins, we’ve decided to redirect our financial resources toward cultivating stronger, more profitable growth.”


Alchemy Leads is now planning for the future, with a focus on building software tools for the SEO industry. The company has also been developing its own automation software which will help companies manage their marketing campaigns better. This presents an opportunity for the company to pursue a unique, wealthy audience in a way that’s hard for competitors to keep up with. 


The company has recently announced its plan to release new product lines in BETA stages by Q2 2022. Digital marketing is huge right now, and there’s a lot of competition. To succeed in this space, you need to be building something that’s different, something that can’t easily be replicated by your competitors. Alchemy Leads is promising revolutionary SEM solutions to help businesses grow their SERP presence while spending less and converting more.