TV Losing To Tablets & Digital Media In Battle for Your Kids’ Attention; So What Now?

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A research report from Miner & Co. Studio has revealed just why the past few years have been famine rather than feast for kids’ cable TV ratings—and for their advertisers. The King is dying—but where is the new King?
57% of parents surveyed admitted that their children not only preferred to watch videos on a mobile device (tablet, handheld console or cellphone) but would even forego treats.


The theory goes that they prefer the autonomy of their own choice—something that isn’t quite so prevalent with the family viewing TV set in the living room.

This leaves marketers whose core demographic is young families in something of a pickle. Cartoon Network is suffering from significant declines in ratings, while Nickelodeon’s ratings have plummeted by 30% in the 2-11 demographic.


Unable to get the reliable ratings of decades past with Kids’ TV, marketers are having to target kids and their parents in new ways—or risk losing brand recognition among their core demographic.

One solution, as CEO Robert Miner told Advertising Age, is to become a ‘platform polygamist’, targeting kids and their parents across a broad range of platforms.

The only real question is how and where. Just how are marketers going to attract the kids? That’s the $64 billion question…

This generation of kids is the first true internet generation, more likely to be growing up with an iPad in their hands than a silver spoon in their mouth—and marketers looking for solutions will need to adapt quickly to find a new way to appeal to this demographic.


The implications are enormous—and marketers need to decide how to best reconnect to kids.
It looks like Video killed the radio star, and Mobile and Tablet video are killing the TV star.
Cheesy, we know.

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