Types of Search Engine Optimization

A while back, word on the street was that Google’s algorithm had something around 200 or so factors. Well, that was 2009 and like Bob Dylan, said: “The times are changing”.

Step into 2020 and factors such as AI, machine learning, and natural language processes have all entered the arena with more traditional search marketing elements. As all good marketing pros know, the only thing constant in SEO is change.

Google’s most important update yet, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations for Transformers) was officially announced in October of 2019, is an evolution to RankBrain and consists of being better able to understand complex conversational queries along with voice search. Estimates say this affects 10-30% of all searches, with at least 15% of all searches being searches never before done in 2017, per Search Engine Land.

So let’s have a look at some different types of SEO that each offer unique situations to be solved strategically using advanced SEO techniques. Here is a simplified version of the types of search engine marketing services we provide based on situations our clients find themselves in

Onsite SEO or Technical SEO:

 The on-page elements of your website, including your overall website hierarchy, URL structure, internal linking, onsite code and metadata, and all other information passed on to search engine crawlers when indexing a website. Some search engine approaches and strategies can vary widely based on different web platforms and content management systems but the onsite elements of your website are fundamental to creating content that delights and engages your target audience.

Local SEO or GMB Optimization:

Location, Location, Location. Every good business would think of itself as an established pillar in the community they serve. Achieving local visibility online usually relates to an increase in local awareness based on the press or an increase in solid customer reviews and overall customer satisfaction. The goal is not only to rank for select geographies or specific service areas or regions of the country but as a fundamental good to the community as a whole.

We can optimize your website or google my business profile and even other local or social media profiles. Thousands of localized publications with uniform listing information help create signals that your website is active in a given community and positive press can play a big factor in gaining visibility of your product or service.

Local SEO is heavily involved in marketing for distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and franchises — not to mention thousands of other local services businesses such as insurance and real estate. Glowing customer reviews and timely and accurate information are critical to ensuring a good first impression to customers who find your website when searching for services in your area.

 Nationwide SEO or Full Service Professional SEO:

 This is clarifying the more aggressive nature of this type of SEO compared to smaller-scale projects on a local or regional level. The goal here is usually to rank for a competitive and broad group of terms in a target country rather than a small geographic area or several regions. Many headquarters or larger brands need campaigns focused to target a large population. More often than not, these are some of the most competitive campaigns when it comes to search engine marketing in the United States.

 International SEO or Enterprise SEO:

The goal here is to rank the appropriate website or branch headquarters website to the appropriate demographic. For example, we work with many companies that are Headquartered in the United States but have field offices in Europe, Australia, the Middle East or Asia. In many situations for International SEO, we are trying to rank multiple properties situated for unique users in target countries — of course with the objective to increase both user bases and revenues in those areas continuously, as well.

Offsite SEO or Content Marketing & Link Outreach:

The off-site elements of your overall brand and its website, including leveraging external social media signals, company mentions in the media, company press releases or publications, or otherwise valuable content to improve the trust and authority of a website to its target user or audience.

This is a long and tedious manual process that involves the creation, promotion, and distribution of content to industry-relevant online sources from draft to publication, and can take months or years to build and execute organically. Our link outreach to earn media is completely natural, holistic, and whitehat. This is the most important component of any strong organic search marketing strategy.

Outsourced SEO or Enterprise SEO Consulting

Related to Enterprise SEO, but maybe more limited or specialized in terms of scope. Involves internal marketing or IT staff, outsourcing to an experienced SEO Agency usually in the hopes of solving a specific issue or problem-related to organic traffic.

Forensic SEO

 If you don’t know what this is — then that’s a great thing. However, there are times when large companies are either directly or indirectly impacted by some combination of algorithmic updates inside the core functioning of the search engines, which cause decreases in organic traffic, rankings, and ultimately sales. When unfortunate situations occur, companies look to us to try and identify the cause of the manual or broad core penalty and then to develop a long-term detox strategy to rectify the problem based on best onsite and practices.

eCommerce SEO or B2C SEO

This is a very common form of SEO nowadays as eCommerce dominates our spending habits and shopping behaviors. Competition is usually fiercest in these B2C industries for search engine rankings, but with consistent resources and dedication — revenue increases in this space can be massive when combined with the right eCommerce SEO strategy.

Business to Business or B2B SEO

Business to Business SEO usually involves utilizing many channels of marketing with organic traffic being the primary source. B2B industries can vary dramatically when it comes to competition and search demographics. A combination of strategies including social and paid advertising on social media, direct traffic via offsite marketing, and email marketing work best when implemented alongside the correct SEO strategy for B2B companies.

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