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What Is Content Marketing?

Per the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” Obviously, the ultimate end goal of our content marketing efforts is to provide as much value to your target audience as possible.

The content is developed to match the varying levels of users’ search intent within different campaign objectives — such as branding campaigns, sales or promotional e-commerce campaigns, PR (Public Relations) campaigns.

These different goal conversion types or campaign objectives will ultimately lead to a different grouping of metrics to track to properly attribute any content marketing success.
Determining which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to track throughout the course of your earned media campaign will help to illustrate any areas of need or opportunity, potential strengths, and weaknesses of a website — in order to make the necessary adjustments.

There are many ways to add value to your users with engaging content. For further clarification, here are a few types of content marketing examples.

Content Marketing Examples
Content Marketing Examples
Content Marketing Examples
Content Marketing Examples
Mobile Apps
Content Marketing Examples
Resource Guides

Of course, there is an endless amount of content marketing examples to choose from and it would be impossible to list out every form of content that could be created in order to add value and relevancy to the end-user base. By listing a few different types of content marketing examples above, we hope to help spur your own content marketing ideas. In 2020, content marketing advertising spend will more than double in the U.S and European markets and will represent 64% of all paid mobile marketing efforts, globally.

What is content marketing?

Nick Hugh, VP of EMEA, Yahoo said: “The rise of content marketing reflects the increasing media appetite of today’s consumers, and reveals a growing opportunity for publishers, advertisers, and content creators alike."
“Creative, engaging content is needed for success, and when this is coupled with a targeted, scalable solution like native advertising, the potential for greater audience engagement and conversion rockets.”
Traditional media and marketing campaigns are great when it comes to the final two parts of the AIDA marketing process shown above. However, Content marketing is the key to unlocking the first two steps of the buying process by attracting potential consumers to products or services they may have not yet considered.
To understand why content marketing is so valuable to businesses, let’s first assess the sales lifecycle or the different stages in the buyer’s journey to the purchase action:

Customers are searching for you

Your customers are online searching for you services... We make sure they find you first.


Interest or Research

Once a customer is aware of a potential solution for their needs, they begin to educate themselves on the solution by performing more detailed background research. For example, a family buying a home will take steps to research which realtor they decide to work with and which home and neighborhood will best fit their personal needs.


Decision or Consideration

At this stage, the customer knows they will use a solution for their needs, but they aren't sure which solution to use. The customer will compare different products and services from different vendors looking to get the most competitive price and the best deal, overall.


Purchase Action

Also known as the Zero Moment of Truth, this is when the customer has firmly decided to take the next steps and finalize the transaction to move forward.

ROI of Content Marketing Services

At AlchemyLeads Search Marketing, we’ve used content marketing to grow more than 350% over the past eighteen months. Potential clients who would be a good fit to work together usually will find our content before they even realize they are looking for a solution. At that point, we have created a great perception of our brand in order to own the idea of search engine marketing in the eyes of our customers. The first brand in the market will be the first brand to firmly establish itself in the minds of their customers.

This is also known as the First


By being found first, potential marketing clients engage with and find value in our content, so by the time they decide to reach out to us, they are already convinced they will be working with us. This means that we don’t have to spend too much time engaging in extensive back and forth or high-pressure sales tactics, it’s simply a matter of ironing out basic campaign details, signing a marketing agreement, and getting right down to work.
The trust that would usually need to be built up during an extensive sales cycle can be created before knowing a potential client or customer even exists in the wild.
All forms of digital advertising spend have been consistently on the rise since 2017, with the average time spent on mobile devices surpassing time watching TV earlier this year in 2019.
Businesses in 2020 are expected to spend even more advertising dollars on content and mobile marketing strategies. All mobile advertising of all types is projected to increase next year in 2020 with more than $375 Billion in digital advertising spend forecasted for 2021.
Content marketing can also provide added bonuses seeing that it is almost always accompanied by another digital marketing service or channel.
Creating engaging content will prove to be extremely helpful for social media marketing efforts and will always add to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts by garnering the necessary visibility and exposure to generate natural inbound links from high authority sites in a relevant industry.
By continuing to invest in developing good content to give your users a better experience on your website, you will also be laying the foundation to ensure that your website ultimately is easily accessible in the major search engines. In fact, in order for most businesses to be found first nowadays, the vast majority of SEO efforts should be focused on content marketing and public relations.

How to begin Content Marketing?

There are many advertising firms that offer content marketing services, more often than not, content marketing services are paired with SEO or PR or PPC Marketing Services.

If you’re too busy or have to much on your plate to do the content marketing yourself, and do not have the necessary resources to manage it in-house, then hiring a firm might just be your best choice. However, if you would like to jump right in and learn more as you go in order to develop your own content, then the easiest way is to begin a blog and start writing.

It will likely be tough at first but you’ll get better at it as you get more practice and experience creating and marketing your own content.

If you’re not sure how you can add value through content marketing, try to opensource your content ideas by asking your existing client base what types of content you could create that would be valuable to them now or would have been useful for them when they were in the purchasing process. They will tell you.

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