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Digital Marketing Audit or Site Health Diagnostic- We conduct a thorough review of your website to determine your current site’s strengths & weaknesses and identify potential challenges.

  • There are a myriad of reasons as to why you would want to audit your website consistently, but the most practical reason is to develop insights into executing a solid search engine marketing strategy or to determine which factors may be holding your website back in the SERPs.By following
  • these points, we can work through a methodical process designed to make sure that no stone is left unturned while collaborating with your company to design, develop, and execute a customized full-service search engine optimization or digital marketing campaign from A-Z.

*Yes, there are even more advanced areas of the audit checklist that will require digging even deeper (Pagination, for example), but we will at least have the Digital Marketing Audit and General Agenda/Tasklist to refer back when marking search campaign items as to-do’s, in progress, or completed.


There are more than 400+ individual search engine ranking factors and signals that Google’s algorithm takes into account when analyzing domains.

Why would you need a Digital Marketing Audit (DMA)?

There are literally a thousand and one reasons why you would want to audit your website on a continuous basis, but the most common reason is to determine which elements may be weighing down your SEO efforts. By following a nearly two-hundred point checklist, our team works through a clear and defined methodical process that is designed to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to analyzing the authority and search metrics of your website.

Here are just a few of the factors we analyze during our initial digital marketing audit:

These points are intended to check how the site is crawled fetched and rendered by Google and other search engines.


Search Engine Crawl-ability & Search Indexation Services for Google, Yahoo, and Bing

  • Is Google Analytics Installed?
  • GA duplication check
  • Is Search Console setup?
  • Are there any Search Console errors?
  • Google cache analysis is there a sitemap.xml file?
  • Is there a discrepancy between indexed pages in Google and Sitemap?
  • Are any invalid pages in the sitemap?
  • Are there any negative search results for the brand?
  • Are there any negative Google Autosuggest?
  • Is there a Google News sitemap.xml file?
  • Any manual actions?
  • Are there any crawl errors?

Understanding what your competitors are doing can be a great way to emulate and improve on a campaign.

Competition Research & Search Market Share Intelligence Services

  • Top 3-5 competitors identified?
  • Has the competition been benchmarked?
  • Top ranking keywords
  • Competitor top 10 keywords
  • Competitor average search positions

If there are issues here, it can mess up a whole site and any future campaigns. Architecture plays a big part in SEO.

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Complete Site Architecture Optimization

  • Site protocol checks
  • Pagination checks
  • Canonical checks
  • Print version noindexed?
  • Internal Linking checks
  • Site Visualisation Checks
  • Internal redirects
  • Redirect chains & Redirect loops
  • Robots.txt present?
  • Robots.txt review
  • Are pages being correctly blocked by Robots.txt?
  • Are pages being correctly blocked by Meta Robots?
  • Site Structure & Silo Use
  • Category Use (ecomm)
  • URL naming convention – is this well optimised?
  • Error Pages
  • Is an HTML Sitemap in use?
  • Are Tag Pages being used?
  • Is the site using a crumb trail?
  • Is primary navigation easy to use?
  • Footer navigation checks?
  • Is all good content under 4 clicks from home?
  • Menu setup and use

Site-speed and Website Performance Optimization Services

  • How many images are used sitewide?
  • Are images being optimised?
  • Are ALT tags being regularly used?
  • Are images named sympathetically?
  • Are there any dead images?
  • Are too many stock images used?
  • Are there any images in excess of 100Kb?

Images can bring a site to life, but can also slow it down. Use them, but do check as well.


Mobile PageSpeed Optimization & Mobile Marketing Services

  • Responsive check
  • Popups/Interstitials
  • Mobile Page Size
  • Image use
  • Image optimisation
  • Image resizing
  • Search console errors
  • AMP Check
  • Mobile UX issues (see UX)
  • Mobile Navigation
  • Use of video on mobile
  • Are buttons and links easy to click?
  • Is the Favicon being displayed in mobile SERPs?
  • Parity checks – Content, Meta & Directives the same as desktop?
  • Mobile Testing

Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services & On-page SEO

Sometimes known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practice, these elements are mostly on-page or simple changes that can be fixed quickly.

  • Are Deprecated HTML tags being used?
  • HTML Validation
  • Accessibility Checks
  • CSS Checks
  • Page Titles
  • Are all page titles under 65 characters? (appx. 570 pixels)
  • Duplication without canonical/pagination?
  • Any signs of keyword cannibalisation?
  • Is the primary keyword/phrase close to the start?
  • Are all page titles descriptive of page content?
  • Are any page titles missing?
  • Meta Description
  • Are all Meta Descriptions unique and descriptive?
  • Is the site using a Cookie acceptance notice?
  • Are any Meta Descriptions missing?
  • Any duplication without canonical/pagination?
  • Are any below 70 characters?
  • Are Meta Keywords in use?
  • Are there any redirects other than 301?
  • Are there any 5xx errors?
  • Are images ALT tags in use?
  • Are there too many ads on any pages?
  • Does the site bombard you with popups?
  • Does the site carry clear Call to Actions?
  • Does each page have a clear H1 tag?
  • Are H2’s being used across the site?
  • Is the site W3C Compliant?
  • Does site:brand show expected sitelinks?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Keyword + Topics Research & Content Marketing Services

  • Site keyword research for Benchmarks
  • Brand search – Does homepage come up #1 when searched?
  • Primary homepage term
  • Is a keyword strategy in place?
  • Is there evidence of keyword duplication or overuse?
  • Are keywords in Page Titles?
  • Are keywords in H1?
  • Are keywords in H2?
  • Are keywords in Meta Description?
  • Are keywords in the main page document?

Blog Management, Content Marketing Services & External Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By understanding more about your content, you can enhance pages that might previously have been letting you down.

  • Are all fonts large enough to read clearly?
  • Are hyperlinks clear?
  • Could font colour be considered too light?
  • Are there clear primary and supplementary content types?
  • Is content Evergreen or Fresh?Visual
  • Are there any thin pages? less 200
  • Words of Content?
  • Are keywords in H1?
  • Does the site carry an up to date Privacy Policy?
  • Does the site carry up to date TOS’s?
  • Is there any duplicate content internally?
  • Is there any duplicate content externally?
  • Is any content scraped from external sources?
  • Is the contact page easy to find and use?
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Copy and classification checks

User Experience (UX) Design and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

User Experience (UX) is a Google ranking signal. You would be wise to make sure you get this right.

  • Site video use
  • Homepage check
  • Internal page checks
  • Contact page check
  • 404 page check
  • Category Pages (ecomm)
  • Mobile UX Priorities
  • Review live site usage

White-hat Link Outreach and Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Google relies heavily on backlinks, that you want to make sure you are on top of this.

  • Backlink health & score
  • Spammy domainsAnchor Text Use
  • Anchor Text Use
  • Backlinks lost
  • Backlinks Gained
  • Broken Backlinks

International Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Often confusing, international SEO has the ability to drop or boost a site from the SERPs. By checking these elements you can ensure site health.

  • Does the site have an international audience?
  • Is the site using rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” ?
  • Is the site being translated without errors?
  • Is the site using an international URL structure?
  • Are the correct localised web pages being used?
  • Does the site have backlinks from target countries?
  • Is the site Multilingual, Multiregional or both?
  • Does the site location need to be setup in Search Console?
  • Checks from international locations

White-hat Link Outreach and Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Google relies heavily on backlinks, that you want to make sure you are on top of this.

  • Backlink health & score
  • Spammy domainsAnchor Text Use
  • Anchor Text Use
  • Backlinks lost
  • Backlinks Gained
  • Broken Backlinks

So many sites require a local presence that no business should really be without this. Set it up and continue to improve.

  • Does the site need and gain traffic from local audiences?
  • Are local titles tags being used?
  • Is there a consistent NAP across the site and external sites
  • Is local structured data being used?
  • Is there a Google My Business listing?
  • Is the site listed in reputable business directories?
  • Does the site have local citations?
  • Does the site carry good local content?
  • Does the site have too many thin content local pages?

These do still crop up from time to time, often without site owners realising, so worth checking. Many of these factors can cause your website’s rankings to drop significantly.

Campaign Commencement: Client Onboarding, Site Review, Search Engine Marketing Strategy Development

Before we begin, we would like to have a quick meeting to discuss your goals, demographics, competitors, etc. We will also need site access and login information (or permission to set up) Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc.

seo image

Client Onboarding Meeting/Call – During our kickoff meeting/call, we will:

  • Learn about your company, competitors, customers, and target demographic.
  • Review the Baseline SEO Report and Website Audit o Discuss historical and present website SEO efforts.
  • Identify key metrics of success (traffic, conversions, etc.)
  • Set goals (traffic, primary conversions, secondary conversions)
  • Review proposal and note any updates.
  • Sign contract and collect first month’s payment.
  • Information Exchange – Client to provide website access (i.e. FTP, WordPress login) and access to any existing web tool accounts (i.e. Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools)
  • Keyword Research, Analysis, and Selection – Research keywords and related phrases to identify primary and secondary keywords.
  • Develop Onsite SEO Strategy – Review Website Audit and create a comprehensive strategy to improve the site’s overall onsite SEO.
  • Develop Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Analyze existing keyword target pages and create an optimization strategy that focuses on these pages.

Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research

Baseline SEO Audit and Report – Thoroughly audit and document existing rankings, link profile, internet presence, and social media.

This baseline report will be used in our onboarding meeting and will be updated and sent to you on a monthly basis to be compared to our initial Digital Marketing Audit

seo image

The Baseline Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report will include:

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Popular Pages
  • Backlink Profile
  • Site Authority
  • Social Media Presence

Develop Content Strategy – Create content strategy including release frequency, topics, resources, and writers.

Develop Website Authority & Link Building Strategy – Evaluate current backlink profile and authority metrics to develop offsite SEO strategy including:

Citation Cleanup (Directories, Company Listings, etc.) o Backlink Analysis and Cleanup o Link Building Strategy and Budget

Develop Social Media Strategy (if applicable) – Create a social media strategy to drive customer engagement and improve search engine authority

Create SEO Strategy Reporting Brief – Summarize all strategies into a single SEO Strategy Brief that will be updated and sent to you on a monthly basis.

  • Target Keywords and Landing Pages
  • Onsite SEO Strategy
  • Landing Page Optimization Strategy
  • Content Strategy/Schedule
  • Website Authority & Link Building Strategy

Agency Deliverables:

Baseline SEO and Key Metrics Report SEO Strategy Reporting Brief.

Client Deliverables:

Access to Website CMS and Web tools Review and Endorse Agreement + Monthly Payment

Technical On-site Search Engine Optimization

Once we have planned your overall SEO strategy, the next step is to optimize the technical components to your website. During this stage, we will make sure your website’s structure, backend and all landing pages are properly optimized for search engines.

In addition, we will ensure there is a relevant and properly optimized landing page on your website for each targeted keyword phrase outlined in the strategy brief.


  • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report – Audit existing metrics and prepare monthly report
  • Implement Overall Onsite Technical SEO Strategy – Implement overall onsite SEO strategy as outlined in the SEO Strategy Brief.
  • Implement Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Create and/or optimize landing pages to focus on target keyword phrases.
  • Update SEO Strategy Brief – Create checklist of completed items, update SEO Strategy Brief, and send to client.

Agency Deliverables:

  • Updated Monthly SEO and Key Metrics Report
  • Checklist of Completed items
  • Updated SEO Strategy Brief
  • Additional Requirements

Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & White-Hat Link Building Services

  • Once your website is optimized and has fresh useful content, it is time to re-review your internet presence and start getting the offsite attention from other sources.
  • If users pay attention to your website – so will the robots

Continuous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Working Agenda

  • Implement Website Authority & Link Building Strategy
  • Create foundation links using techniques outlined in the Website Authority & Link Building Strategy, and make any necessary onsite changes to support offsite optimization and link building.
  • Implement Social Media Strategy (if applicable) – Review Social Media Strategy and make any necessary onsite changes to support these efforts such as default page titles, descriptions, and graphics. Implement the Social Media Strategy as outlined in the SEO Strategy Brief.

Website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Maintenance and Updates

  • The first few months laid a solid foundation on which to build your website’s authority with the search engines.
  • To keep the momentum going, it is essential to continue posting and promoting fresh content on a regular basis and monitor and fine tune your internal and external SEO strategy each month.

Ongoing Monthly Agenda:

  • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report – Audit existing metrics and prepare monthly report.
  • Monitor and Fine-tune Onsite SEO – Review onsite SEO and make necessary adjustments.
  • Continue Executing Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Review landing page optimization and make necessary adjustments.
  • Continue Executing Social Media Strategy (if applicable) – Implement the Social Media Strategy as outlined in the SEO Strategy Brief.
  • Continue Executing Content Strategy – Add fresh content, according to the schedule defined in the Content Strategy.
  • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy – Continue building links and search engine authority, using the methods outlined in the Website Authority & Link Building Strategy.
  • Update SEO Strategy Brief – Create checklist of completed items, update SEO Strategy Brief, and send to client

Agency Deliverables:

  • Updated Monthly SEO and Key Metrics Report
  • Monthly ranking, traffic and conversion reporting
  • Regular review and analysis of analytics
  • Additional Recommendations
  • Revision and optimization of new content
  • Regularly keeping an eye out for improving the technical onsite optimization of the site
  • Tweaking title tags and meta descriptions to increase conversions once rankings do gain momentum
  • Apply new SEO best practices learned from ongoing education
  • Changes made in accordance with analytical findings
  • Spot early signs of decreasing traffic
  • Checklist of Completed Items
  • Updated SEO Strategy Brief
  • Ongoing link building activities

General White Hat Link Outreach Workflow and Processes:


Identify Goal Conversions, KPIs and Campaign Objectives

Any solid marketing campaign first begins with identifying your overall objectives, carefully assessing areas of opportunity and having different goals in mind for different sales funnels or marketing channels. Identifying the type of marketing campaign needed goes a long way to help direct the overall content strategy. The content is created to be positioned to match the user search intent of different potential campaign objectives — such as branding campaigns, sales or promotional e-commerce campaigns, PR (Public Relations) campaigns.
These Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) help illustrate any areas of need or opportunity, potential strengths, and weaknesses of a website to make the necessary adjustments.

Content Creation

We make sure to collaborate with our clients in order to use the appropriate tone and writing style in the content we create and develop. Our team analyzes your website and content that is working well within your industry to create an in-depth and professionally written style of technical content that is beneficial for generating organic traffic as well as building upon thought leadership and industry authority over time. It’s a true investment in your company’s brand presence online!

We create and develop our content (linkable assets) internally to the highest of standards and to meet a certain purpose. We then identify and manually reach out to industry-relevant websites from actual bloggers who run these influential sites and publications in order to best promote your content.


Content Publication & Distribution

When we find the ones best suited and most relevant for our case, we manually get in touch with them to increase your overall digital exposure on the world wide web.

We share the content with the manually outreached blogger to be published and keep a close check until the content is published. We follow up with the bloggers, for edits, if required post publishing.


Report Generation

These Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and campaign metrics help to illustrate any areas of need or opportunity, potential strengths, and weaknesses of a website to make the necessary adjustments.
Measuring the search engine ranking positions (SERPs) of individual power pages throughout the entirety of the campaign is paramount to tracking campaign performance; but by monitoring factors such as incoming (external) link growth to a given web page or URL, you can also assess the performance of your content in order to add depth to the reporting data.
Our clients can read and review our work on a comprehensive or a la carte basis when it comes to our white hat link building reports showing the work and the results we achieved in a given time.
This consistent measurement, analysis, and search engine optimization (SEO) reporting helps business owners visualize their online conversions or revenue from digital marketing channels. We also include a working agenda and task list along with any potential recommendations or suggestions that could help grow revenues faster if at all possible.