Brand Image is More Important Than Ever.


Alchemyleads Marketing Agency in Calabasas, CABrand Image is More Valuable Than Ever.

You’ve heard the phrase, and you see it in your day-to-day, image is everything—particularly when it comes teens and young adults and how they seek to communicate.
Brand Image is More Valuable Than Ever.

Its human and psychological nature to look to visuals not just to learn what others have had to say in the past, or what they are saying in order to express themselves, visual content is today’s universal language. And social media is becoming more and more the strongest medium of visual content on the web.

Social photo and video sharing sites like Youtube, Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram are exploding in terms of user base month over month – and this is due to our innate nature as human beings to be able to process visual images much more efficiently than text.

Marketers have to become fluent in the language of visual content.

Demographics such as teenagers, young adults, both middle-age women and men, and everyone else in between make up the core user base of many of these video and photo-sharing behemoths.

And as marketers, that is a broad audience to convey and engage with on a much more socially influencing type of brand level interaction.

YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest play a significant part in the lives of teens, young adults, and all middle-age people as they digest their social worlds through memes, short videos, storyboard images, photos of interest, design ideas, recipes and so on.

That huge group of consumers is actively discovering their better selves and finding their own unique sense of belonging online.

Would there ever be a better time to connect with them?

Instagram also plays a deeper role over time for many Instagrammers ages 13–24, inspiring them along their journeys of self-discovery and self-expression.

Buyer Journeys Aren’t Bound By Device or Platform

The places where teens and young adults access video and photo-sharing sites such as Youtube, Vine, Pinterest, or Instagram paint a clear picture of the storytelling role visual content may play in their everyday lives.

Users of many of these social media sharing websites wake up using them in the morning, and then use them across different devices throughout the day bouncing back and forth between different platforms, and they may even access said visually engaging visual app just before going to sleep.

Visual content really may inspire dreams.

What it means for marketers

In a interconnected world where people are constantly communicating back and forth through a range of mediums; marketers will have to emphasize visual media in their advertising strategies like never before in order to consistently engage with consumers through visuals.

Brands themselves will have to be visible in order to drive impact.

The teens and young adults who spend time on these video and photo sharing platforms are open to a type of brand storytelling that needs to relate to the audience, be authentic, and of course – must stand out from the pack visually.

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