Finding Link Building Opportunities with Search Operators


Increasing visibility in today’s crowded and oversaturated market is a Herculean challenge not for the faint of heart. The internet is littered with competitors, making it all the more difficult to increase site traffic.

Here’s the info you need to find valuable link building opportunities with search operators.

Introduction to Link Building

With all of the buzzwords out there it’s hard to keep track of the ones that really matter, let alone what they actually mean.

Link building refers to an essential SEO marketing practice that involves getting links to your site featured on other third party websites. The idea is to proliferate other sites with those links thereby increasing the overall traffic to your own site.

There is a great deal of literature out there speculating on the best ways to leverage link building into tangible increases in business. That, of course, involves going beyond the use of link building to drive traffic and towards making conversions.


What Are Search Operators

Search operators are search parameters comprised of one or more characters.

They are used in search engines to narrow down the results. These characters cause an action to be performed when searching for something. Boolean commands are among the most common varieties of search operators.

AND is a Boolean operator that tells the search engine to only pull results that contain the word or phrase before the operator and the word after it. Another common Boolean operator is NOT, which tells the search engine to exclude any results that contain the word or phrase after the operator. To include results that contain the word or phrase on either side of the operator, use OR.

As you can see, search operators work off of logical principles to it down and pull up the most accurate results.

One practical exercise that managers should perform somewhat regularly is to try to look for results featuring their own company using search operators. By playing with different combinations of search operators you can get a better idea of what it customers would have to search for to get results that link to your company. Your finings can and should be used to determine the direction and application of the firm’s use of SEO and keywords. Odds are, if you can’t find results linking to your company, potential customers will have an even lower chance of encountering your content when searching online.

Sourcing Link Building Opportunities with Search Operators

With the introductory material out of the way, you’re now ready to dive into how to use search operators to find viable link building opportunities for your business. Many savvy SEO marketers will seek out third-party sites that allow guest posts. Most of these sites require guest posts to be well-written and contain valuable information that will benefit readers.

The trick is to find sites allowing guest posts that relate to your niche. Bringing back our example of businesses in the automotive or cannabis industries, you’d need to look for websites that talk about your industry. If you can craft posts with valuable information on the surface with links and subtle mentions to your brand throughout, you can use these posts to drive traffic to your business.

Finding these third-party sites can be challenging, but the process is much easier for those who know how to look. That’s where search operators come in. By using either of the formulas below, you can leverage search engines to pull up sites that may accept guest posts that you can tailor to send traffic your way.

  • YOUR KEYWORD “write for us”
  • YOUR KEYWORD “guest post

In addition to using search operators to find sites accepting guest posts, there are other link building strategies to explore. Another valuable and well-performing SEO strategy is resource link building. Compared to guest posts, resource link building is easier and potentially much more valuable because you don’t have to contend with the standards, formats, and specifications of third-party sites.

Looking for resource link building opportunities requires a different set of search operators. Try out some of the following options and see what you come up with, you might be surprised.

  • Keyword “top 10 websites”/”top websites”
  • Keyword “recommended resources”/”suggested sites”
  • Keyword “favorite resources”

In addition to these link building strategies, there are some other more creative things you can try. If they jive well will your niche, you’ll have some golden opportunities.


Getting Creative with Link Building

Depending on your particular industry and niche, you might be able to capitalize on some more creative link building strategies involving non-profit organizations. Think of it this way, you’re looking for ways to get more traffic and put your brand name in front of potential customers. For the most part, non-profit organizations already have steady traffic on account of the people who seek them out because they believe in the cause.

Whatever that cause may be, as long as it’s not awkwardly or unacceptable incongruous with your brand image, you should be exploiting that traffic and directing it to your business. In many cases, you can do this by simply donating or otherwise supporting their cause in exchange for touting your links. Many non-profit organizations are more than happy to link to your site in return for your support as long as your brand image doesn’t conflict with their cause.

In order to find non-profits to approach, try out the following search operator combinations.

  • donate to”
  • “donate for”
  • “sponsor”

Once you’ve selected a few non-profit organizations, it’s time to get out there and start approaching them. It never hurts to ask, and when it pays off, it can pay off big in terms of site traffic.

Look for Link Roundup Opportunities Using Search Operators

Another highly effective strategy is to use search operators to look for link roundup opportunities. Link roundups are weekly or monthly summaries outlining top links that are shared. The key to capitalizing on link roundups is having quality content with valuable information.

Searching for sites offering link roundups can be done much faster and more efficiently when you use search operators to find them. Here is the generic set of search operators that you’d use to start finding link roundup opportunities.

  • intitle: roundup ” YOUR KEYWORD”

The trick is to get more specific and start searching for link roundups that match your niche. Let’s use our example of a business owner in the cannabis industry again. You would use a combination of search operators like this to find the appropriate link roundups for your niche.

  • intitle:roundup ” benefits of CBD”

By plugging those targeted keywords into your search operator sequence, you’ll get much more specific results. The more specific the results, the more actionable the information meaning you’ll have a nice grouping of link roundup opportunities to pursue. The sites offering link roundup opportunities that come up in your search can help drive even more traffic to your site if they agree to use your links.

Putting it All Together

There’s no doubt that link building is made much easier by using the appropriate search operators to aid you in finding the best results. However, link building remains a somewhat complex task that is best left to experienced professionals from digital marketing agencies.

Next, we’ll go over why having a digital marketing agency is essential to getting the most value out of link building.

Why it Pays to Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

Now that you’ve read more about link building and its relationship with search operators, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. For example, if you’re a business owner or manager in the cannabis or automotive industry, odds are you won’t be an SEO expert and that’s perfectly natural. As a business owner, you have other things requiring your attention and expertise.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency like AlchemyLeads is the most effective way in terms of cost savings and productivity to harness the power of link building using search operators. Just like you have a specialty in your business niche, AlchemyLeads specializes in all things digital marketing, which of course includes link building.

AlchemyLeads has built a reputation for trust, innovation, and results. We take your marketing goals and make them a reality by leveraging the best SEO practices and all the tricks in the book to get your brand out there and in front of customers. Better yet, we bring the customers to you. Why should you have to do all the work? If you want to jumpstart your brand and start surging ahead of your competitors, you need an edge, you need AlchemyLeads.

Take Link Building to the Next Level, with AlchemyLeads

Find link building opportunities that can have a major positive impact on your business using search operators with AlchemyLeads. When you partner with a progressive and dependable leader like AlchemyLeads, you get concierge service from digital marketing experts that will take you to the top of the search results. It’s not magic, it’s alchemy –experience the AlchemyLeads difference.

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