15 Top Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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Who doesn’t love a convenient free Chrome Plugin that makes life easier? As a digital marketer, you have so many things to keep track of daily; projects in various stages of development, new leads, existing clients, reporting, research, and so much more. You need all the extra help you can get to keep your mind, desktop, and files as organized as possible, while saving time and adding convenience to your browsing experience. 

So, we made this list of the Best 15 Chrome Plugins for Digital Marketers in 2019.


To make this list easy to navigate, we organized it into a few basic types of extensions: 

So, let’s take a deeper look at some of the best Chrome marketing extensions that will make your life easier by improving your efficiency, organization, and insights. 

4 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers – Email, Content & Pre-Sales 

When it comes to crafting the perfect outreach email, or a great piece of content for your audience, there are a few extensions you absolutely can’t live without. 

1. Hunter.io – Find Contacts for the Sales Process 

This might be the single best Google Chrome extension for marketers. With the power to help you find executive and management level emails for just about any department in just about any Fortune 500 company (and beyond), this resource puts you one step away from landing the deal of a lifetime or generating tons of backlink opportunities for your new content. 

Here are a few of the features we like about Hunter.io: 

  • Get access to contact information for employees from the site you are currently on 
  • Search by name, position, company, and more 
  • Qualify email contacts with the accuracy rating from Hunter 
  • Save leads to email lists for easy outreach campaigns 
  • 50 free searches per month 

2. LastPass – Never Forget A Password Again & Share Them Securely 

Do you manage a large team, or work in a team that needs constant access to various accounts at a time for your digital marketing efforts? If so, you have probably run into the problem of securely storing and sending passwords to employees or coworkers. You have probably also experienced the problem of trying to remember hundreds of passwords and failing miserably. 

LastPass offers a one-stop, free solution for sharing, storing, and securing passwords that are safe and easy to use.

We like LastPass for a few key reasons: 

  • Save more than just passwords (PDFs, files, webpages, and more)
  • Manage everything for all employees from one secure portal 
  • Easily use on any device in just about any browser 
  • Generate, store, and send secure passwords confidentially 
  • Autofill passwords on sites to save time 

3. Grammarly – Perfect Grammar & Spelling Every Time 

If you are in the digital marketing world, with a job that involves content, and you have not heard of Grammarly yet, where have you been? This extension may be the most intuitive tool that any content writer can use to drastically improve their grammar, spelling, and overall workflow. It saves time, makes helpful suggestions, and continuously helps even the best writers to improve their craft. The best part – it’s free! 

Here are a few things we like about Grammarly: 

  • It works on Docs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms 
  • Create and store documents in an online editor 
  • Get updates on your progress and insights into your writing style 
  • Contextual spell check – it even finds when you used the wrong word

3 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers – Sales Development

When it comes to sales development, a lot of marketers face similar problems. You need to have all of your contacts in one place, they need to be easy to organize and reach out to, and you also need a way to integrate this data with dozens of services to efficiently manage your sales funnels. These Chrome Extensions are some of the best in the world at making your life easier when it comes to sales. 

1. HubSpot CRM – Completely Automate & Track Your Email Outreach

We all have grown to love HubSpot. They simply have one of the best CRM platforms on the market today. This Chrome Extension allows you to bring the power of their CRM platform to your browser, without ever having a tab open on their site. It allows you to easily automate email outreach and get key insights into your audience to improve the sales process, increase efficiency, and save time. 

What we like about this extension:

  • Synchronizes with Gmail and G-Suite to act as a personalized CRM
  • Create email templates and share them 
  • Easily sync your contact’s data with their lead profile 
  • Automate email campaigns and get insights into open and response rates 
  • Schedule meetings to your calendar instantly 
  • Works on mobile 
  • Allows you to build your sales pipeline while still in your browser
  • Connects with some of the top CRM software (such as ZenDesk, Outlook, Freshbooks, etc…)

2. Seamless.ai – Find Emails for Your Leads & Build Lists Automatically

Maybe you have installed Hunter.io and are sick of the 50 free contacts rule, but still, want to leverage the power of intelligent software to build email lists of highly qualified leads for your sales pipeline. That’s where Seamless.ai comes in. 

  • Find emails, contacts, phone numbers and more for companies 
  • Completely free, easy to use, and works on all websites 

3. RingCentral – Integrate, Track, & Manage Your Call Schedule

RingCentral is an online CRM that is very highly regarded by a lot of customers who use it. This Chrome Extension for marketers allows you to easily integrate your ring central account right into your Google Suite, turning it into a complete marketing hub with everything you need. 

This extension allows you to: 

  • Integrate your calendar and schedule meetings easily
  • Track and review contact history (saves voice calls, etc…) 
  • Combine all of your contacts in one place 
  • Click to dial contact lists for easy call scheduling 

4 Top Chrome Extensions for Online Marketing – Social Media

As a digital marketer, a lot of your job revolves around generating a buzz online to drive traffic, build social links, develop brand trust, and build your brand. This can often involve dozens of tools and can be a mess to manage at times. As a digital marketer, there are a few Chrome Extensions for social media that you need to save time and boost productivity.

1. IFTTT – Sync Dozens of Apps & Automate Them Easily

Ever had a lot of data that you wanted to integrate with an app or platform, but there was no way to do it with automation? This can be a huge waste of time and a massive frustration for a lot of digital marketers who are building complex sets of data for customer profiles, keywords, and more to be synched across a variety of online platforms. If this then that helps you easily create rules to automate this data to hundreds of popular apps used by marketers, which saves so much time!

Here’s what we like about this extension: 

  • Free and easy to use
  • Very intuitive – all you need to do is click a few buttons and it works like a charm 
  • Works for hundreds of the largest and best online marketing platforms 
  • Choose which fields are included in the data you push 

2. Buffer – Automate Multiple Social Media Channels in One Place 

Managing social media can be a bit of a pain. You have a handful of profiles on various sites that each need to coordinate posts at certain times. Each one needs to be a bit different, but you can’t afford to waste time logging into a dozen accounts, posting on each, then checking the stats for each post on each platform. Buffer allows you to easily manage all of your social media profiles in one place – allowing you to post, schedule posts, check insights, collaborate, and more. 

What we like about this Chrome Extension for marketers: 

  • Schedule all of your posts in advance from a single platform 
  • Get insights into all of your social media performance 
  • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more… 

3. Canva – Design Creative Campaigns in Multiple File Types 

Ever needed a platform that you could design things on that was affordable, versatile, easy to figure out, and able to be used across all devices? Canva is the solution for you. Sure, it is not as complex as something like Photoshop, but for simple design projects for advertising campaigns, it is the best option on the market. Their Chrome Extension allows you to choose from hundreds of pre-made designs for social media posts. Simply drag and drop the template you want, make a few changes, and post it to your social media platform. 

What we like about this extension: 

  • Hundreds of pre-made layouts 
  • Choose from custom fonts, elements, photos, sizes, and more 
  • Over 1 million free images to choose from 
  • Powerful photo editing tools 
  • Works across all devices and saves instantly to cloud storage 

4. iCloud Bookmarks – Sync Bookmarks Across All Devices 

Look, we all have too many things to remember. Sometimes, instead of committing a super helpful website or web tool to memory, we just throw it in a bookmark so we will always have it. But, what happens when you are on a different device, with a different set of bookmarks, but you need to access that tool you just can’t remember the name of? iCloud Bookmarks allows you to share bookmarks across all of your devices, even non-Apple ones. 

What we like about this extension: 

  • Works on both Windows and Mac 
  • Allows you to easily save hundreds of bookmarks 
  • Easily integrate bookmarks across tablets, PCs, and mobile devices 

4 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Every digital marketer likes to get down and dirty with some in-depth data that shows what is going on behind the scenes. There are tons of options out there that allow you to gain key SEO and traffic insights into the webpages you are visiting, but a lot of them are costly and can be time-consuming to use while browsing quickly. These Chrome Plugins are designed to give you expert insights in seconds, without ever leaving your current tab in your browser.

1. MozBar – Easy to Use On-Page SEO Plugin 

With over 600,000 downloads and a 5-star rating, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best Chrome Extensions for digital marketers in 2019. MozBar has all you need to get the stats on your competition and gain insights into search results pages.

Our favorite features from this amazing extension: 

  • Get access to Page Authority and Domain Authority 
  • Compare link metrics while in SERPs 
  • Find and access keywords for pages 
  • Expose page elements in HTML for SEO purposes 
  • Export data to CSV files 
  • Upgrade to premium for even more helpful features 

2. SEOQuake – Accurate SERPs Analysis in Real-Time 

SEOQuake is similar to MozBar in the way that it helps the user to get more information out of their search while on Google. This tool gives much of the same data as MozBar, but the main difference is that it gives more information for free. Overall, the data is accurate, and the insights you get from this extension will seriously improve your digital marketing strategies. 

What we like about this extension: 

  • Review all major metrics for each SERP result instantly 
  • Estimate Keyword Difficulty, CPC and competition for each keyword
  • Generate full reports for internal and external links 
  • Run a complete SEO audit of a webpage or website 
  • Export SERPs data into CSV files

3. BuiltWith – Discover What Platforms Sites Are Built On 

Sometimes understanding what technology a site is built with can give you more insights into the type of structure it has, strengths and weaknesses it has, and the overall competition it poses to your site. Other times, it can be a way into learning more about how you can develop similar features for your site, or avoid some functionality altogether. The BuiltWith extension allows you to easily learn what platform and what technologies a site is built within seconds.

Our favorite features about this extension: 

  • Gain insights into your competition’s website 
  • Identify new ways to build your site 
  • Get a complete list of the technologies used and where/how they are used 

4. SEMRush – Get Complete SEO Data on the Current Window Instantly 

We all love SEMRush. Surely there aren’t too many digital marketers out there who haven’t at least given the platform a trial or are currently using an alternative like Moz. Sometimes though, we need even more convenience while browsing, and don’t have the time to continually open the SEMRush window, paste in the link and then wait for the data to appear. Luckily, the open with SEMRush extension allows you to gain complete insights into a website or page with a single click. 

Our favorite features for this extension: 

  • Get all the features of SEMRush 
  • Open data portal in a new tab
  • Access to keywords, rankings, URL structure, link structure, traffic insights, and more 

Wrapping Things Up – What is the Best Chrome Plugin for Digital Marketing in 2019?  

Overall, it depends on your needs. There are thousands of plugins available on Chrome that help you do just about anything imaginable. When it comes to the world of digital marketing, these are some of our favorite extensions that helped us to get amazing results. 

If you are looking to stay more organized, find more lead, manage your email and social media outreach, combine your CRM in one place, and automate a lot of your outreach, these are by far the Best Chrome Plugins for Digital Marketing you are going to find at affordable prices – or even for free! 

Be sure to let us know what you think of these extensions in the comments below, and let us know if we missed any of your favorites. We are always interested in trying out new ways to improve our digital marketing processes!

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