TikTok Hashtags: How to Use Them to Boost Your Visibility

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Like other social media platforms, hashtags are crucial to TikTok’s marketing strategy. Marketers and brands can use TikTok hashtags to skyrocket their marketing efforts by increasing visibility and boosting engagement.

One of the best things about TikTok is that it allows users to find relevant content by clicking on specific hashtags. However, companies should find the right ways to reach and connect with the right audience to achieve this.

When done right, TikTok hashtags will increase your brand visibility and click-through rates (CTR). The best part is that TikTok users can follow these hashtags, providing a great avenue to accelerate your brand’s reach.

So, what are TikTok hashtags, and how can they help boost your visibility? Read on to learn more.

What are TikTok Hashtags, and How DO They Work?

Simply put, hashtags are words and phrases with the hash (#) symbol in front. TikTok hashtags allow the TikTok algorithm and users to find and categorize the content. In other words, TikTok hashtags help ensure that users can easily find video content uploaded on the platform.

TikTok hashtags are similar to hashtags on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Adding a hashtag to a video will make the content more discoverable when a user searches for similar hashtags. Hashtags provide a great way for users to find relevant conversations and engage in them.

Unlike Instagram hashtags, TikTok hashtags work outside the caption, meaning the TikTok algorithm can pick hashtags in your in-video text and TikTok bio. This is good news for TikTok marketers, especially since TikTok captions have a 100-character limit.  

Why Use Hashtags in Your TikTok Strategy?

Regarding marketing, your primary goal should be to get your content in front of your relevant audience to increase visibility and boost engagement. This can help generate more brand awareness, increase traffic, and boost conversions.

Businesses can get many benefits from using TikTok hashtags, as you will see below:

Increase Visibility

The key to marketing is to reach as many people as possible. When your content reaches more people, it leads to higher engagement rates.

TikTok hashtags help put your content in front of TikTok who don’t follow your brand but are interested in the topic you’re covering, which helps increase visibility and boost engagement.

For instance, you can use the hashtag #fyp (For You Page) for more visibility and likes.

Better Engagement

The more people view your content, the more likes, comments, and shares you’re likely to get. This will boost engagement rates and increase the chances of conversions.

More Followers

As mentioned, TikTok hashtags are seen by even people who do not follow your brand. Using hashtags in your content is a great way to broaden your content reach and increase followers.

Not using hashtags in your content can derail your TikTok growth, no matter how consistent you are in content creation. Using hashtags ensures your content reaches a wider audience and provides a better opportunity to grow your followers.

Identify Your Competition

Knowing and researching your competitors is crucial to a successful digital marketing strategy. Luckily, hashtags in your TikTok strategy can help identify competitors in your industry.

Using trending hashtags in your industry allows you to follow other content that uses similar hashtags. This helps identify competitors that you could otherwise not identify.

Once you identify your competitors, check their profiles and the type of content they post to get an idea of what you should improve in your strategy. More specifically, pay attention to content ideas that you can create content around for your audience in the future.

Build a Community

As a marketer, you can use branded hashtags to enhance your TikTok marketing strategy, which is an excellent way to build a community around your brand. It also offers a great way to interact with your followers and boost content engagement.

But your goal shouldn’t just be to make your content go viral. Encourage your audience to make content using your branded hashtags to create a strong community that enjoys sharing content related to your business.

User-generated content (UGC) provides a great way to grow your brand. You can repost these UGCs on your TikTok profile to increase engagement with your audience. However, remember to seek permission from the original creator and credit them when you post their content on your social profile.

Stay on Top of TikTok Trends

While TikTok trends come and go, they can help grow your business if you take advantage of the current trends. Luckily, hashtags can help you stay updated on TikTok trends.

Creating content around current trends shows you’re updated with what’s happening in the industry, which is key to remaining relevant to your users. It also helps boost visibility as your content will appear on relevant Discovery pages.

How to Find TikTok Hashtags

Now that you know the benefits of using hashtags in your TikTok strategy, let’s look at ways to find relevant hashtags for your marketing strategy:

Analyze Similar Content in Your Industry

Analyzing similar industry content is one way you can use it to find relevant hashtags for your campaign. Of course, the process is more time-consuming, but it is a great way to find relevant content hashtags in your niche. Make a list of the relevant hashtags you come across to use in your content strategy.

Check Hashtags on Your Competitors’ Posts

Competitor analysis forms a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy, including TikTok marketing. Check at what hashtags your competitors are using and what your niche audience is searching for.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should copy what your competitors are doing, but it helps identify relevant hashtags to use in your strategy. Once you identify these hashtags, use them in your unique TikTok hashtag strategy.

Take Advantage of Hashtag Generator Tools

If you want the fastest ways to identify TikTok hashtags in your strategy, consider using TikTok hashtag generator tools on the internet. Most of those tools are free and help identify relevant hashtags within seconds.

Like keyword research for SEO, you need to input a topic in your niche, and the tool will generate a list of relevant hashtags to use in your content.

Create Branded Hashtags

Using popular hashtags is an effective way to gain more content visibility. However, you can take your TikTok marketing strategy to the next level if you create branded hashtags. In other words, branded hashtags will make your strategy unique and stand out from other hashtags.

For instance, you can create a new hashtag to use in all your content for your TikTok marketing campaign. This is a great way to promote a new product or service or launch a new business and want your audience to know about it. Create content under your hashtag demonstrating how the product works, the manufacturing process, and other product details.

Ask your audience to create content under your branded hashtag for a wider reach. This also means more user-generated content to help market your brand.

Tips to Create a Branded Hashtag for Your Strategy

  • Don’t create your hashtag using a random word that comes to your mind. Instead, use words or phrases relevant to your campaign, brand, and industry.
  • Don’t create a bunch of hashtags. Instead, create a simple hashtag that users can memorize or note down easily.
  • Use simpler spellings and avoid punctuation in your hashtags. This way, users can easily remember your hashtags without necessarily having to copy and paste them.
  • Your hashtag should not be complicated but something that users can easily understand and gives clear information about your campaign or product.
  • Create new hashtags for each campaign for easy tracking

Using TikTok Hashtags to Boost Your Content

Having looked at how to find and create the right TikTok hashtags, let’s now at how to use the hashtags to increase your content reach.

Use Both Popular and Less Competitive Hashtags

Popular hashtags refer to hashtags that many people are searching for and present a huge opportunity for increased visibility if done correctly. However, since they have higher competition, you’ll unlikely get noticed unless you’re good at what you do.

That’s why you should consider mixing popular and less competitive hashtags in your strategy to increase your chances of getting noticed. Use the less popular hashtags to increase your visibility and climb the ladder to larger hashtags.

Create a TikTok Hashtag Challenge in Your Niche

Use appropriate hashtags to network through shared challenges in your niche to boost visibility among your users. Starting a hashtag challenge or competition can help reach more people within a short time.

Of course, popular hashtags provide a certain amount of exposure, but you should think outside the box to make a huge and lasting impact on the platform.

Creating a hashtag challenge allows other TikTok users to use your branded hashtag in the comment section or caption, which is a great way to boost your visibility and get more user-generated content.

Keep Your Captions Short

TikTok allows for up to 100 characters per post. Both your caption and hashtag should fall within the 100-character limit to boost your content and make it easier for users to interact with it.

Three to eight characters is an ideal size for a hashtag. Ideally, aim to have shorter hashtags but increase the number of hashtags in your content—the more hashtags, the better the visibility and reach.

Know the Right Time to Post

The best time to post your TikTok hashtags is during the active hours of your target audience. Of course, many things will determine when most users are active online, so check updated engagement trends for better reach.

Add Hashtags to Comments

You can post your hashtags in the comment section if they cannot be accommodated in your caption. While adding hashtags in your comments is less effective than when you add them in the caption, it can help boost visibility across the platform.

However, you should only add relevant hashtags in your comment section and limit their number to avoid overshadowing your audience’s comments. When done right, moving hashtags to your comments will help grow your account and boost your presence on the platform.

Create a Winning TikTok Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are a powerful tool that can help build a solid social presence. With the best marketing strategy, the best hashtag strategy can propel your TikTok video from just a few views to viral engagement.

The best approach is to know your target audience and use that to create relevant TikTok hashtags and marketing strategies.

Of course, you should ensure to create high-quality content and then develop a strategy to get it in front of your target audience.

If you need help creating a winning hashtag TikTok marketing campaign, our social media experts can help. Our agency will help you choose the right hashtags for your TikTok posts and help develop the best TikTok hashtag strategy to boost your engagement and visibility.