SEO for Medicines & Healthcare

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SEO for Medicine & Healthcare

AlchemyLeads focuses on providing the best SEO services to our medical and healthcare clients. Healthcare SEO refers to SEO activities that boost visibility and rankings for medical and healthcare websites on search engine rankings pages (SERPs).

At AlchemyLeads, we apply the latest algorithm changes and the best SEO techniques to ensure you get the best results possible from your SEO investment. This results in higher SEO rankings and better visibility in front of your target audience.

AlchemyLeads, A Tried and Tested SEO Agency for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Investing in medical and healthcare SEO helps easily navigate the highly competitive industry. Statistics from Fortune Business Insights show that the global medical services market is expected to be valued at $718.92 billion by 2029.

This makes the medical and healthcare market one of the fastest-growing industries but also highly competitive. To compete effectively and get a significant share of this vast market, medical and healthcare companies must take deliberate measures to put them ahead of competitors. One way to achieve this is through our effective and unique SEO services for medical and healthcare companies.

At AlchemyLeads, we have a reputation for helping companies in the medical and healthcare industry rank higher on search engine results pages and increase sales and revenue. We understand the uniqueness of the medical and healthcare industry and focus on creating an SEO strategy that delivers results.

We don’t treat your practice like any other—we thoroughly research your medical and healthcare website to understand your current positioning in search visibility and research your competitors to understand the best way to handle your SEO process.

The best thing about AlchemyLeads is that we don’t just take any project. We only accept projects we can handle and ones we can guarantee results.

SEO Pillars for Medical and Healthcare Service Providers

People seeking healthcare information turn to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This presents a huge opportunity for medical and healthcare companies with a solid SEO to gain more business opportunities. Whether you are a hospital, a medical practitioner, a local clinic, or a pharmaceutical company, AlchemyLeads has what it takes to handle your SEO and improve your rankings in search results.

Here’s how we can help:

Discovery and Research

We take every project we accept seriously. As stated, we conduct thorough research on your website before optimizing it for SEO.

In our discovery stage, we aim to understand your campaign goals, and site structure, identify high-value terms to target, and your current visibility stats. We also research your competitors to identify SEO gaps and what they are doing right that we can implement on your medical and healthcare website.

We take as much time in the discovery and research stage to ensure we have all the information we need before we start working on your project. The research helps us in our goal-setting process and allows our clients an opportunity to present their concerns early in the project.


Once we have all the background information and set our goals, we can begin working on the project.

Based on the goals you want to achieve with your campaigns, we create an effective strategy for your medical and healthcare service. We apply the latest Google SEO guidelines and algorithms for medical and healthcare services and use our SEO experience to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Analysis and Monitoring

After implementing the best SEO practices for medical and healthcare services, we don’t just stop there. We continue to analyze and monitor your SEO progress and website performance to ensure we’re in the right direction. We assess what SEO practices are working towards providing higher visibility and traffic and better return on investment.

Our healthcare SEO efforts are not only aimed at increasing traffic on your website. They are geared towards converting as many visitors as possible and boosting your bottom line.

What a Successful Healthcare SEO Involves

Here’s what we include in our successful SEO framework for medical and healthcare companies:

On-Page Healthcare SEO Optimization

On-page SEO involves code, images, and words that define your healthcare website. In other words, it refers to the content on your website and how it appears on search results, including the loading speed and mobile responsiveness.

Here’s what we include in your on-page healthcare SEO package:

  • Keyword research: We research high-intent keywords and optimize carefully to boost your chances of increasing organic rankings and traffic.
  • Site architecture: We follow good interlinking practices and provide a good site architecture to boost organic page rank. A good site structure helps users and search engines navigate your site easily and improves crawlability and indexability.
  • Create fact-based healthcare content and optimize: We cannot complete our SEO journey with you without talking about content. We use the keywords we researched to provide high-quality, informative, and factual content that matches the user’s intent.
  • Keyword optimization: Optimize your title, description, and meta tags to help search engines better understand your website and show it in relevant searches.
  • Site speed: Google favors fast-loading pages when showing search results. We help medical and healthcare websites load in under two seconds.
  • Mobile responsiveness: More people use mobile devices when searching for information online, including healthcare-related info. We optimize your website to ensure its content displays correctly on mobile devices, as in desktops.

These are only some of our on-page activities when handling medical and healthcare SEO. Our on-page activities also touch on H1, H2, and H3 tags, alt tags, anchor text links, etc.

Off-Site Healthcare SEO Practices

We link medical and healthcare websites to other reputable sites in the industry to boost their authority and make Google show them when people perform relevant searches. When we link your healthcare website to high-quality and relevant websites, it will become more credible and authoritative and increase the chances of ranking higher in SERPs.

Websites we link medical and healthcare websites to boost credibility and authority include press releases, healthcare directories, high-authority blogs and articles, healthcare social media, etc.

Local SEO for Medical and Healthcare

We help our medical and healthcare clients gain traffic from local searches. Our local SEO experts have excellent knowledge of the Google Local Pack concept and other local SEO terms and practices and apply them to your project to boost your local rankings.

What You Get from a Successful Healthcare SEO

Our healthcare SEO efforts are results-oriented. Here’s what you get from our successful SEO strategy for your medical and healthcare practice:

Increased Brand Visibility

Our SEO efforts will boost your visibility in search engines and put your healthcare website in front of your target audience. This will boost brand awareness and provide consistent exposure for your practice.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Our healthcare SEO services are highly-targeted to ensure they reach a specific group of patients interested in your healthcare services. We target high-value and high-intent keywords to ensure your business appears on top of relevant searches in front of a conversion-worthy audience.

Higher ROI

Since our healthcare SEO services target a specific group of patients interested in your medical services, they lead to more conversions and a higher return on investment. This is key to attracting more patients and growing your practice significantly.

Long-Term Results and Affordability

Unlike paid advertising, our SEO services for medical and healthcare practitioners are affordable and offer long-term results. Once you pay the initial cost that guarantees organic traffic on your healthcare website, you can get relevant traffic to your website for a long time.