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1. SEO Opportunities
2. 12-Month SEO Plan
3. The Puzzle Pieces for SEO Success
4. Lead Generation SEO Case Study
5. Investment
6. Our Guarantee

SEO Opportunities

The video below goes into detail of where exactly on your website that optimization is required in order to successfully attract more qualified leads organically.

We have noted below the five key areas in which we can see an immediate opportunity for your website to grow and appear to more potential clients in Google.
  • Evidence of Potential Business: You already have dedicated landing pages, but they are not currently ranking well as Google needs more positive signals.
  • On-Page SEO Requirements: Our ‘True Density’ report demonstrated an example of relevant keywords that need to be included on your important pages.
  • Off-Page SEO Requirements: We can see that several of your dedicated landing pages need to acquire strong and relevant backlinks for better rankings.
  • Technical SEO Requirements: We identified multiple broken links throughout the website (both internally and externally) that need to be quickly resolved.
  • Insecure (Mixed) Content: We discovered multiple occurrences throughout your website where external insecure links are appearing in the eyes of Google.

The image below shows a report of keywords that Google wants to see on your page that the competitors (who are ranking on page #1) are using on their sites. This report allows us to perfectly create the exact content that Google wants to see, whilst at the same time ranking for other very important relevant keywords.
The above image represents just one small part of the On-Page SEO work that is required in order to get your ‘hotel maintenance software‘ on page #1 of search. This is part of our signature system framework that allows us to take all of your other important pages and get them ranking higher in the search results also.

12-Month SEO Plan

We have listed below what we believe would be the pages of most benefit to optimize on your website, based on the initial research that we have conducted.

Please note: This is a preliminary 12-month SEO plan that is subject to change once a full SEO Audit, and extensive SEO Keyword Research has been completed.

  • Month 1: Hotel Maintenance Software – 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 2: Facilities Management – 10 New Qualified Leads Per Month
  • Month 3: Maintenance Software – 2 New Qualified Leads Per Month
  • Month 4: Asset Management Maintenance – 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 5: School Facilities Management – 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 6: Caravan Facilities Management – 2 New Qualified Leads Per Month
  • Month 7: Property Maintenance Software – 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 8: Computerized Maintenance Management System- 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 9: Building Maintenance Software- 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 10: Landscaping Maintenance Software- 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 11: Sports Facilities Management – 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month
  • Month 12: CMMS Maintenance Software- 1 New Qualified Lead Per Month

The lead generation figures are based on acquiring 8% of the clicks when ranking on page #1 in Google for the keywords, with an average 3.5% conversion rate. This would generate 23 new qualified leads for your business each month with these pages and keywords optimized, leading to 276 new organic leads per year.

The above pages and keywords were selected for optimization (preliminarily) based on the fact that you are (or have potential to be) ranking for these keywords.
As you serve multiple industries that you can generate new clients for you, it is important to give each of the dedicated pages the time and attention it deserves.

Where You Are Now VS Where You Could Be

We can also see (from the image below) that there are multiple keywords that you rank for, however, many of them are currently not targetting your ideal clients. Keywords such as ‘hotel maintenance software‘, ‘hotel maintenance management‘, and ‘hotel facilities management‘ can all drive qualified leads when optimized.

If more relevant keywords were ranking on the page #1 search results of search engines such as Google, this would generate new leads organically each month. This would be dependant on the search volume (estimated people searching that keyword monthly) of the targeted keywords for each unique page of your site.

The Puzzle Pieces for SEO Success

Up to 2,000 words per piece
Foundation Firestarter

Gain a Good SEO™ strategy that is tailored to the success of your website & organic revenue.

Conversion Catalyst
Increase the percentage of website visitors that convert into your long-term customers.
Authority Accelerator
Win Google’s trust by being included in their good books. This is a vital step in the process.
Up to 2,000 words per piece
Content Compiler

Provide Google with what it loves to see. Unique, helpful, and consistent content.

On-Page Optimizer
Enhance your website’s pages in a way that Google can understand, and therefore rank.
Backlink Booster
Earn links from other reputable websites to provide Google with positive ranking signals.
Up to 2,000 words per piece
SERP Solver

Stand out and ensure website clicks in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Audit Analyzer
Ensure that your website is following up-to-date Google guidelines, & SEO best practices.
Infiltration Initiator
Discover the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, then reverse engineer success.

We install each of these crucial elements into your SEO campaign at the correct time to ensure the best results possible.

More Website Visitors = More Qualified Leads

If you want to be discovered in the search results when your ideal client is searching for a service that you can confidently provide to them then

Lead Generation SEO is the perfect solution for you. Why? Because when a potential client needs your services, they immediately search on Google. The service-based industry can be extremely competitive, and with the digital world we now live in, implementing effective SEO is a must-do for success.

The days of people finding you in a big heavy phonebook are long gone. As you are well aware, all your potential clients are now searching for you online.

  • Good SEO™ Campaign: We craft a custom SEO campaign to best suit your needs and help you to reach your goals.
  • On-Page SEO: We optimize all of the important elements that Google is actively looking for on your web pages.
  • Off-Page SEO: We acquire links from other websites as it is a crucial part of SEO that many businesses neglect.
  • Technical SEO: We ensure all of the technical aspects of your website are in working order from an SEO perspective.
  • Regular Reporting: We regularly keep you in the loop on what we’re working on and the results achieved so far.

Please see below for a further explanation of all of the tasks that we carry out in order to boost the SEO of your website in the eyes of Google.

Click Below to See Examples of Early Deliverables in Your SEO Campaign

The examples below were compiled for a previous client that operates a music school based in Dublin. Simply click any of the icons below to view them further. We do have permission from this client to share these documents with you, although we do ask that you don’t share them publically (but with your team is fine).

Up to 2,000 words per piece
SEO Audit
We look into over 100 different elements of your website that can have an effect on SEO health and we resolve any issues identified.
SEO Keyword Research
We identify lucrative keywords that will drive more qualified traffic to your website, ensuring that your business revenue grows positivley.
SEO 12-Month Plan
We put together a detailed 12-Month plan right from the beginning so that all parties are aware of what will be focused on each month.

Lead Generation SEO Case Study

The problem that needed resolving

The client was the definition of a small fish in a big pond. They were operating in a marketplace that was extremely competitive and they needed a way to increase their enquiries that were coming from search engines so that they could reduce the amount of money that they were spending on ads to compete.

After reviewing the client’s website and the websites of who we were up against, we knew we had to be clever in our approach to achieve the best SEO results. We put together an aggressive SEO campaign that we were confident would produce the results the client desired. Spoiler alert: That’s exactly what happened.

Our Approach to Achieve Results
Up to 2,000 words per piece
Long Tail Keywords
We targetted long-tail keywords for the campaign as there was incredibly fierce competition from well-known industry brands.
URL Structure Clean-Up
We implemented a new site-wide menu that allowed a reduced crawl depth in order to increase enquiries as well as conversions.
Increased Reviews
We increased reviews from previous happy customers to use as site testimonials in order to improve upon new visitor conversions.
  • Content: Blog posts were created aimed at a specific section of the sales funnel
  • H Tags: We resolved certain H tags were incorrectly set-up as a previous template
  • Long-Tail Keywords: Increasing visitors using precise terms for search engines
  • Reviews: Utilizing the previous positive reviews strategically to increase conversions
  • Menu Re-Structure: Helped to reduce crawl depth and the number of visitor clicks
  • Profitable Keyword Research: Allowing easier communication for new clients.
  • Competitor Backlinks: Getting linked on domains that competitor’s were linked on
  • Device Monitoring: Optimizing content for the devices that users viewed the site on
  • Successful Redirects: Implementation of redirects reduced technical SEO errors
  • Regular Reporting: Keeping the client informed of all the great progress being made

The Successful Results


The above graph shows a 6 month period, with blue being the current year and orange being the previous year in order to review Year-on-Year (YoY) results. Month 4 was when the hard work began to pay off as Google started to reward the website for following their search guidelines & providing positive SEO signals.

In the above screenshot, we have filtered the Google Analytics data to only show results from organic traffic and for the main objective of the campaign (more enquiries) and we can see that the number of enquiries more than doubled compared to the same period of the previous year. This was a great result to achieve.
Up to 2,000 words per piece


Increase in Organic Enquiries


Increase in New Website Users

+ 20.26 %

Increase in Enquiry Conversion


What is Included?

  • Optimized Content: We carefully research and identify the important keywords to use that will boost your On-Page SEO.
  • New Backlinks: These will be from authoritative websites with strong anchor text to improve upon your Off-Page SEO.
  • Regular Scans: We crawl your website with multiple SEO tools to quickly resolve any issues regarding Technical SEO.
  • Keywords Monitored: We conduct keyword research to identify the most lucrative keywords for your SEO success.
  • Competitors Monitored: We'll closely monitor where your top competitors are ranking for your targeted keywords.

We understand each business is unique in size, and therefore budget, so we have created separate investment options that cater to all sizes of business globally.

365 Day Timeline

Silver Leads Package


Per Month

  • 1 Important Topic of Optimized Content Monthly
  • 4 New Authoritative Backlinks Acquired Monthly
  • 50 Important & Relevant Keywords Monitored
  • 2 Competitor Websites Closely Monitored
  • Monthly Website Optimization Scans

Order Lead Lift-Off Package

Platinum Leads Package


Per Month
  • 3 Important Topics of Optimized Content Monthly
  • 12 New Authoritative Backlinks Acquired Monthly
  • 150 Important & Relevant Keywords Monitored
  • 6 Competitor Websites Closely Monitored
  • Weekly Website Optimization Scans
Order Lead Skyrocket Package

90 Day Timeline

Silver Leads Package


Per Month

  • 4 Important Topic of Optimized Content Monthly
  • 16 New Authoritative Backlinks Acquired Monthly
  • 50 Important & Relevant Keywords Monitored
  • 2 Competitor Websites Closely Monitored
  • Monthly Website Optimization Scans

Fast Track - Lead Lift-Off Package

Platinum Leads Package


Per Month
  • 12 Important Topics of Optimized Content Monthly
  • 48 New Authoritative Backlinks Acquired Monthly
  • 150 Important & Relevant Keywords Monitored
  • 6 Competitor Websites Closely Monitored
  • Weekly Website Optimization Scans
Fast Track - Lead Skyrocket Package

Each investment is a 30-day rolling contract. You can cancel at any time if you wish. However, as SEO takes time, we recommend a minimum of 6 months.

Want to take on all of this complicated work yourself? Here is what you will need.

  • Dedicated On-Page SEO Tool: You will need the 'Pro' version of 'Surfer' for 'NLP', which has an annual cost of $1,428.
  • Dedicated Off-Page SEO Tool: Even with the entry-level 'Lite' version of 'Ahrefs', you will occur an annual cost of $1,188.
  • Dedicated Technical SEO Tool: To properly crawl all URLs of your website, 'Screaming Frog' will cost you $200 annually.
  • Dedicated Link Outreach Tool: You'll need the 'Email Outreach' plan with 'LemList', which has a fee of $708 annually.
  • Dedicated Link Placement Budget: On average, links cost around $100. 4 links per month adds up to $4800 annually.
  • Dedicated SEO Staff Member: The average skilled SEO executive globally earns an annual salary of $49,768.46.

When added up, that comes to $58,092 annually (around €49,960). When choosing our ‘Lead Lift-Off Package’ you save you time, hassle, and just over €14,000.

What about the ‘Lead Accelerator Package’? Well, if you choose to look after your own SEO internally, you can possibly save by only paying for 1 software license, but you’ll need 2 SEO professionals, costing $107,860 (around €92,770), whereas with us you’ll end up saving almost €21,000 per year by choosing this package.

The ‘Lead Skyrocket Package’ would require you to hire 3 full-time SEO staff members, which including the software (which even if they shared the license for) would cost you around $157,629 annually (around €135,605). By letting us look after the SEO side of things for you, you also save €27,785 annually. Not too bad!

Remember that SEO is a full-time requirement. If you choose to do this work yourself, you will need somebody with extensive knowledge of all software required. The world of SEO is constantly changing, so make sure that whoever looks after your SEO religiously follows all the 172 pages of the Google’s Search Guidelines.

Our Guarantee

You will receive multiple new SEO tasks completed each month, which will be dependant on the SEO requirements of your website at the time.

We’ll create a Good SEO™ plan that you have access to and can see (at any time) what we are working on and what has been completed. We monitor the results each month, meaning we may alter the plan slightly to focus more on what we can see is moving the needle, if this is the case, you’ll be informed in your SEO report for the month of what our focus will be for the upcoming month (which is delivered to you in the first week of each month).

Most SEO agencies will blindly follow the initial plan (that in the ever-changing world of SEO, may already need updating anyway) without reviewing the data to see what is actually working to achieve results, but we believe that is wrong because we actually care about getting results for you and helping you to achieve your goals and to hit your important KPIs. When your business grows, our business grows, so it’s in our best interest to get you results.

This means that we are actively reviewing data from various platforms (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, etc) to see what is working so that we can double down on it to have your website appear in even more search results, driving further organic traffic and revenue to your business.

Up to 2,000 words per piece
Over 15 years of experience in the world of SEO. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, & get results.
Up to 2,000 words per piece
The world of SEO is constantly changing. We stay updated on everything in the industry.
Up to 2,000 words per piece
Results for you matter to us, because it allows us to grow as others can see the results that we can achieve.
Up to 2,000 words per piece
You get access to our super helpful team which gives your website access to the professional tools we use.
Up to 2,000 words per piece
You’re not just a number to us, we build a strong relationship to understand your business needs.

Why Choose Alchemy to Help Grow Your Organic Revenue?

  • Results Driven: While other SEO agencies focus on getting you more traffic, we focus on traffic that wins you business.
  • Save You Time: We don't just advise what you should do, we will log into your website and optimize it on your behalf.
  • No Contracts: We don't lock you into a long commitment, because we don't need to. Our results keep clients happy.
  • 15 Years Experience: We've been around the block a few times now, so we know what works and what doesn't work.
  • Passionate SEO Nerds: We genuinely enjoy working with SEO so much so that we actually enjoy Mondays mornings!

The statistics below show why SEO plays such a vital role in having your website optimized professionally in order to achieve results. All stats are from ahrefs.

Never Click on a Page #2 Result
of People Start with a Search
of ALL Website Traffic is from SEO
View Your Website on Mobile

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in SEO

  • SEO Pays Dividends: When you successfully rank on page #1 for a keyword, you acquire new visitors every month.
  • More Qualified Leads: Organic search results traffic is your potential clients actively searching for what you have.
  • Increased Conversions: Many independent studies show that traffic from SEO has a much higher conversion rate.
  • Increased Market Share - It is no secret that if you're on page #2 of Google, you're invisible in today's digital world.
  • Boost Other Marketing Efforts: SEO can provide content to share on social media and build your email subscriber list.

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