Ultimate Guide – Using Quora to Drive Traffic & Leads

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Quora is the world’s most popular questions and answers site. With millions of questions, ranging from the broadest to the oddly specific, it’s likely that any question that you think of has already been asked and answered on the site. Every day, thousands of new questions are posed and answered.https://www.quora.com/q/quoraforbusiness/Advertise-on-Quora-in-2019-A-collection-of-insights


Popular questions (and answers) often rank highly on SERPs, directing a large volume of visitors to the Quora Q&A page. For certain savvy individuals and groups, this represents an opportunity—successfully leveraging Quora’s platform can lead to thousands of new website visitors, leads, or email signups. Driving traffic from Quora, however, can be quite competitive. Everybody competes for the same traffic, and the hundreds of guides and blogs all claim to have the optimal strategy figured out.


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To successfully drive traffic from Quora, you first need to understand the platform’s basics and learn some established, time-tested strategies. In this article, I’ll be going over Quora’s most important details, along with a step-by-step guide on how to execute your Quora domination plan successfully.


Some Quick Quora Statistics


Quora is a platform that gets tons of visitors every month, from everywhere around the world. Because of its uniquely diverse user base, Quora traffic is valuable for everyone.

  • Based on 2018 Data, Quora gets over 300 million visitors every month. Quora’s monthly visitors have only increased since then.  ( Source)
  • The Female to Male Ratio of Quora users is 43:57. (Source)
  • 3 out of 4 users visit Quora from mobile devices. (Source)
  • More than 40.20 % of user traffic comes from the United States. (Source)
  • 72.40% of Quora’s visitors come from search engines (Source)
  • Most Quora users are well educated. According to Quora’s guide, 65% of users have a college degree, while at least 28% of them are at least graduate level. The guide also mentions a study that found that 37% of Quora users are in a decision making or management position, making Quora a great B2B marketing platform. (Source)
  • Quora has a higher concentration of adult users than any other platform, including LinkedIn, WSJ. People aged 18 and older and with a household income of yearly $100,000 or higher prefer using Quora over any other platform. (Source)
  • 54% of Quora users report an annual household income greater than $100,000. (Source)


How does Quora Send Traffic/People To Your Questions/ Answers? 

Quora uses a variety of strategies to deliver users to optimal answer pages. Before you drive thousands of users to your site from Quora, it’s important to first understand how these users got there in the first place. If you’re trying to position yourself as a thought leader, it’s also important to understand how your questions and answers are presented to your audience on the platform. 


Search Results

Search Results

As mentioned earlier, Quora gets a large majority of its traffic from search engine results. Currently, Quora gets 70.20% of its total users from search results.

Quora Platform

Quora doesn’t spend much of its space on advertisements, and instead, uses space to promote other questions and answer pages or new question submission. This encourages users to share their thoughts and expertise on any topic.


To do this, Quora utilizes various methods to push these users to different pages, including:


Quora Feed


When visiting the homepage, or main feed, Quora sends the user trending and topic-relevant answers. This feed is personalized based on questions and answers that the user has visited in the past, encouraging users to continue to browse, ask, or answer questions in topics that they have previously demonstrated interest in. 


The Quora feed works to keep users on Quora, similar to YouTube’s recommended section. 

quora related questions

Related Questions

(This section is right behind answers) 


More Answers from X

more questions from x on quora

(After reading answers from a specific person, Quora shows more questions and answers from that person, along with a bio and link to their profile) 


Questions for You

quora questions for you

(This often appears in the middle of your feed, and shows you questions that Quora believes you can answer)


Question Request

questions for you

(If someone consistently answers on a topic, Quora may provide their profile as a part of a list of experts that users can specifically request answers from. When a question is asked in this way, a notification goes directly into the expert’s inbox.)

Quora Spaces

quora spaces

(Quora Spaces is a group or community system where people share questions specifically relevant to the space. Followers can share answers but cannot post to the space)


Most Viewed Writers

Under the topic section, there is a list of the top 10 writers, generated based on writers’ total views for the last 30 days. These writers are then ranked in order of views, in descending order. 

most viewed writers on search engine optimization on quora

While there isn’t significant concrete data on the value that this page provides and when people access it, being on this list attracts attention, reinforces credibility, and puts your name and profile in the spotlight.

Quora Digest

Oftentimes, your topic might not have users currently live on the platform. However, Quora works behind the scenes to identify people who may be interested in your answer, and emails these users answers to questions they may be interested in. If your content performs well in these emails, Quora will send your content more frequently in these Quora Digest emails.

quora digest


Who is Quora Beneficial For?

Due to its large and diverse user base, Quora can benefit almost anyone. Regardless of what you’re trying to say or your field of expertise, Quora provides one of the best platforms to put your content in front of people interested in the topic of discussion. 


Here are some examples of how Quora can be effectively utilized to gain traffic, leads, or signups.

  • Establish your brand message more clearly by answering questions about it directly.
  • Even if your market is heavily competitive and/or oversaturated, you can specifically target people by sharing how different your product or service is from your competitors.
  • Selling Books? This platform can bring plenty of traffic by answering people’s problems on relevant topics
  • Have a new SAAS tool? Quora’s most popular topics are most relevant to tech and the web. 
  • If you’re looking to position your brand or service, Quora is one of the best platforms. Embedding your message subtly and in a non-salesy manner can be extremely effective.
  • From an SEO perspective, it may be easier to have your message or opinion highly ranked through Quora, rather than attempting to rank highly on your platform. Executive-level and other high-level professionals often use Quora for this reason and answer questions directly on the platform to get the most eyes as possible on their responses.
  • Have a course to sell? Demonstrating your knowledge and your credibility on Quora by answering questions first can be an effective way to sell a learning program.


While only a few methods of using Quora to your advantage are mentioned, there are almost unlimited possibilities. If you can get your content in front of a lot of eyes, there’s a way to kick some benefits back to you.


How Do I Get Visitors Using Quora?

Now that we know how Quora works, we can explore how to effectively use it to bring traffic to your website. While the goals and approaches of different Quora profiles may differ significantly, many of the core strategies remain the same.


Typically, Quora users integrate a click-through link in their answers, allowing readers to explore the writer’s content further. Quora also pushes the responses of some top Quora experts through the live feed and Quora Digest emails, resulting in a large volume of viewers and potential conversions.


Creating a Perfect Quora Profile

If you’re set on carving out your position in the Quora community, you first need to create your Quora profile. Quora provides a simple system that aids you in the process of creating an effective profile—just make sure that you include these elements for the perfect profile.


Name: Quora requires your full name in the profile. If you use a fake name and you get reported by users, there’s a large chance that your account will be permanently banned. 


Profile Picture: A headshot is the best choice for Quora. Why a headshot? A recent study found that profiles with visible faces get 38% more likes than profiles without face photos. A neat, clean, and friendly profile picture also helps establish credibility and makes you seem more trustworthy. (Source)


Credential: Your credentials are a great place to show off any experiences, educational, in the workplace, and out of the workplace. Here, you can further establish your credibility as an expert of the field you’re looking to target. 


Description: Quora gives lots of freedom in this section. You can funnel lots of people that visit your profile by simply using your description, utilizing photos and bullet points. 


Actionable Ways To Create The Perfect  Quora Profile

Choose the Right Credentials

It’s important to add the right credentials to your profile. When people see your profile, people should see your credentials and feel that you’re qualified to speak on topics you answer on. The choice of specific credentials you list can depend on the objective of your profile.  


Example: You’re the product manager for a specific tool. People on Quora are asking about how to use the tool when completing a certain task. In this scenario, people would likely be more willing to put their trust in someone who is directly connected with the tool and its brand.


Add A Click-Through Link Into Your Description


Quora gives you a lot of opportunities to place an effective click-through link in your profile description. You can include your accomplishments, a screenshot of your success, or also provide an offer for your product/service. You can make your click-through link more visible and clearer by utilizing different text formats or bullet points.


Add Images


Not all publisher platforms provide the option of adding images to descriptions. 


Quora, however, allows you to add images of your awards, papers, case studies, and other notable accomplishments in image form.


Finding the perfect images, (quantity and quality) can be difficult. Use A/B testing to determine whether images are effective before arriving at a final description format. 


Finding Questions to Answer 

If you’re about to bring a new product to market, there’s a good chance that people haven’t caught on and aren’t talking about it yet. There are also many other scenarios where questions about a topic haven’t been exhausted.


In these cases, you can cover these topics by having a friend ask the questions while you answer them from your profile. By using SEOrulerlab, you can find related questions around your topic and keywords for free.


Alternatively, an easier method is to just answer questions that have already been posted by others. While it’s often harder to find questions that are the “right fit” for a response and your blog, it can be easier to post on a popular, existing question than attempting to create one from scratch. 



The first step of finding a question to answer is first determining whether the question is worth answering—is the time you’re gonna put in drafting a good response worth the potential traffic?


All existing questions that you invest time into answering should have a good ratio of answers to follows. Questions that have low follows aren’t typically worth your time—these questions are often extremely low interest and/or too niche. It also often isn’t worth your time investing into a well-written response to a question asked several months ago that has been answered already!


Newly posted questions with a solid number of follows are typically a great place to start. These questions are both fresh and popular, a powerful combination that can potentially lead to an extremely popular question and answer page. New questions with high views demonstrate immediate interest, something you should look to capitalize on. Older (or new) questions with high follows and bad answers are also a great place to start, providing an opportunity for you to sneak in with a quality response and provide the best answer.


If you’re having a friend post a question for you to answer, you can approach answering the question in two ways—you can either wait and see whether the question gains traction before drafting and posting a response, or you can post an early response, hoping that the question will gain traction later. Both of these strategies can be effective, although the former may save time at the expense of allowing your competitors the opportunity to post before you and steal the thunder from your answer.



If you’re not answering a newly posted question with traction, it’s highly recommended to use a tool like SEOruler lab to explore your keywords and find potential content gaps. 


SEOrulerlab can be downloaded from this site for free: SEOrulerlab. Once downloaded, click on Google Serp Extract and enter the main keywords around your topics.

seo ruler lab




Load the SERP in SEOrulerlab. Once the SERP has loaded, click PAA (People also ask) questions, and extract the list of questions. These PAA questions are essentially the result of a brainstorming session of potential questions—you can pick and choose between these questions to find inspiration for a good question to post and answer on Quora.


Later, you can sort them using search volume (higher search volume = more visitors).


download questions


To extract more ideas, there are a few more free tools that can help you out, including the following:


AlsoAsked: Enter the location and language, along with the main keyword, and AlsoAsked will then return a clustered question list. This question list can be used similarly to the one returned by SEOrulerlab and can be used to identify topic clusters of interest, as well as potential content gaps.


Answer The Public: Answer The Public generates a huge amount of content ideas and sorts them based on type and modifiers. This platform is great for general question brainstorming and understanding the content landscape of a keyword or topic.


Phantombuster Quora Script: This tool is a great automation tool that gives you lots of features, including a profile scraper, a questions answer extractor, a post extractor, and a related questions extractor, among many other useful tools. Running the scripts is relatively simple—follow the directions, and watch them do hundreds of hours of work in just a few minutes. 


Q-Stats: It can be difficult to determine in advance whether a question is worth your time. You can check the details manually by clicking on stats and log on Q-Stats. This tool will instantly give you details on any question available on Quora, including:

  • Question creation date
  • Total views on the question
  • Average monthly views
  • Number of answers
  • Total followers of a specific question


Add the Correct Topics

Most people who write about Quora traffic generation neglect to mention how important it is to select the correct topic for a question before answering it. There are two key reasons to do so.


Reason #1: Whenever new questions are posted under a topic, followers of that topic get notified. Typically these answers will also appear in their feed and their Quora Digest if they’re popular enough. The Quora platform will pick topics by default, but you can and should edit, add or remove topics. Make sure you add all of the relevant topics. 


To do this, click on the edit topics button.

quora tips


In the next step add all the relevant topics.

topics on quora

Reason #2: One important way that Quora generates traffic is through Quora Spaces. In Quora’s current system, selecting topics for your question heavily affects whether or not you are shared in Quora Spaces. 


Here how it works. Quora Spaces have the option to pick topics. Quora then suggests the admins of these spaces based on questions/topics. Here’s a screenshot for reference.

quora suggestions


It’s important not to make any mistakes at this stage, as this topic selection can play a huge role in determining your audience outreach. I’ve never been in 90% of the spaces that my questions have been shared in—it’s all the automatic system at work, generating traffic for you while you relax.


How to Answer Questions on Quora

Once you’ve identified a question to target, it’s time to draft your answer. Writing a quality answer can be difficult at first—how can you write a response that stands out from a crowd of others trying to compete with you?


Thankfully, there are a few generally agreed-upon guidelines that can serve as the base for any answer that you draft. These, combined with quality writing and some more peculiar tips, can push your responses to the top of Quora.


Establish Credibility and Build Trust

On Quora, anyone can claim to be an expert—in turn, this leads to people inflating their credentials and claiming expertise in topics they’re amateurs in. Naturally, people have become warier of responses from new profiles and from people they don’t recognize. 


Early in your post, it’s important to come across as a genuine expert in the field. This can be accomplished by using proper industry terminology, listing facts, and citing research or studies. If a viewer truly believes that you’re an expert, they’ll be much more likely to finish reading your response and click-through your link. 


Trust is another factor, closely tied in with credibility, that determines your viewership and your conversion success. Viewers won’t click-through a link from someone that they don’t trust, so it’s important to build trust before you immediately drop a link.


Add Images and Graphs

Successful Quora experts use attention-grabbing images in almost every single one of their responses. You should too.


Images have been proven to increase viewers and lead numbers very significantly. Strong image choice can bring life to an otherwise barren wall of text, attracting towards your post and away from your competitors. Personal images or images of people also stimulate an emotional response from viewers, increasing the chance they click through to your profile or click-through link.


However, while images are very powerful, it’s important not to use images for “clickbait”, the practice of using attention-grabbing images that aren’t related to the question or answer. Using “clickbait” extensively can put a stain on your credibility and may lead to negative ramifications for your account.


Graphs can also be extremely effective at both grabbing attention and reinforcing your credibility. A simple and easy-to-read graph can often communicate a point better than a block of text and can be seamlessly integrated with a Quora response. Using visually-appealing graphs and graphics created with applications such as Canva is a time-tested strategy, and in certain circumstances can be more effective than images. 


Promote Your Site Without Being Salesy


Nobody trusts or likes a pushy salesman. It’s important to keep this in mind when drafting your answers, as even a slightly salesly tone can send potential traffic elsewhere. Your goal should be to make your post seem as organic as possible, and your click-through link feel as natural as possible.


A strong answer should first-and-foremost focus on being informative. On Quora, people come to get answers, and you should look to establish credibility by answering their questions intelligently and thoroughly. 


While you should look to be informative with your Quora answer, you should also provide slightly limited information—only by visiting your site, can viewers get the full picture.


These links to further information on a blog or a website at the end of a post are typically well-received. By establishing credibility, enticing curious readers, and offering an opportunity to find out more by clicking-through, this post format with links is generally considered to be the most effective.


Track Your Referrals Using Google Analytics and Adjust


Your first few Quora posts won’t be perfect. Even established Quora gurus still make improvements and adjustments to their post structure, even after years of refinement. If your referral traffic isn’t as productive as you’d like it to be, making small tweaks to your post structure may be a good way to squeeze more performance out of your future posts. 


Using Google Analytics, you can view your Quora traffic funnel and your lead conversion rate. Identifying areas of weakness and experimenting using A/B testing can be an effective strategy for refining your posts, leading to higher Quora views and more conversions.


Mass Produce and Replicate


Once you’ve established your method and refined your formula, you can look to increase your post frequency and scale your Quora profile. Your goal should be for Quora to recognize you as one of the top experts in your topic specialty and for Quora to push your content through live feeds and Quora Digest. You want to dominate your topic and appear on Quora’s list of top topic experts.


While drafting hundreds or even thousands of quality responses takes time, being an influential topic expert on Quora can be incredibly rewarding—your answers will be displayed to a huge audience interested in your topic, resulting in many high-quality leads.